Celebrities and their lookalike Children!

Rashida Jones and Peggy Lipton


Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones comes from a very famous family: Her mom is The Mod Squad’s Peggy Lipton (dad is music mogul Quincy Jones). Jones has said Lipton, a cancer survivor, taught her the importance of moisturizing. Actress Peggy Lipton’s life—full of tumult, transitions, and self-discovery—has followed an arc that defined the early-Boomer generation. In the late ‘60s, the willowy blond beauty moved with her lawyer father and artist mother from the affluent New York suburbs to West L.A. to become an actress, stepping into a just-dawning New Age as if it were invented for her and in the process, becoming one of its most envied icons.

Jason and John Ritter


Legendary actor and comedian John Ritter passed away suddenly on Sept. 11, 2003, from an aortic dissection, but his memory lives on through his family. The Three’s Company star, who was only 54 when he died, was a loving father to four children, including actor Jason Ritter. Over the years, the two shared a number of sweet moments in the spotlight as Jason slowly but surely followed in his famous father’s footsteps. From presenting John with an award on stage to goofing off on the red carpet, it’s clear that Jason shared a very special bond with his dad. See their best moments together ahead.