Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

Vanity Fair

Nicole Kidman was a mere 22 years old when she married Tom Cruise in 1990. The actress had just come out with her first American film, Days of Thunder, and enjoyed many years of marriage with Cruise until the two divorced in 2001. The two adopted Isabella (1992) and Connor (1995), and once they divorced the kids went to live with Cruise. Nobody knows for sure why Kidman became estranged from her kids, many credit it with her leaving Scientology, but reportedly Nicole and Isabella were able to reconnect in 2016. As for the reason for the divorce, nobody knows for sure. Cruise was the one to file and checked the ever popular “irreconicbile differences” box.

Cruise and Cruz

Stars Changes

Cruise and Cruz… pretty cute, huh? Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise met on the set of their film, Vanilla Sky, in 2001 (ahem, the same year he divorced Nicole Kidman). The two dated for three years, and it is rumored they broke up over Cruz’s unwillingness to give up her Buddist beliefs and join Cruise in the church of Scientology. One thing’s for sure, they were one stunning couple.