Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

Kravitz and Kidman

Vanity Fair

Singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Nicole Kidman dated and were even briefly engaged, during the early 2000s. Fast forward nearly two decades and Kidman is working alongside Kravitz’s daughter, Zoe, in their hit show Big Little Lies. On the two actresses working together, Kravtiz recently said, “Zoë hadn’t seen Nicole since she was younger, and so it was beautiful that they got to know each other as adults and make this great show together.” It is a small world after all.

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

British Vogue

In 1987, actors Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant met on the set of Rowing With The Wind, and the two would continue their relationship for nearly two decades before breaking up in 2000. During their relationship, Grant was accused of infidelity and was arrested while picking up a prostitute in LA. In 2005, the actor spoke about his relationship with Hurley saying, “…the sex bit probably fizzled out, but now she’s my absolute best friend — number one person I call in a crisis.” Hurley has spoken about Grant saying, “I love him, but, um, he’s very annoying.” And there you have it.