Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon

The Realgist

Remember Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon? This couple was a hot item was September 2006 to January 2007. The reason for their breakup? Cannon claims he dumped Kardashian because the reality tv star lied about the existence of her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J. Cannon said that despite Kim being “one of the nicest people ever,” he couldn’t get past the dishonesty. Canon and Kim’s now husband Kanye West have been exchanging words on social media lately, with Kanye firmly asking the Cannon, Drake, and others to stop talking about his wife.

Love at first sight?


Here’s an interesting anecdote: In 1987 within hours of meeting 18-year-old Patricia Arquette in a well-known Los Angeles deli, 23-year-old Nicolas Cage proposed. A few days later, after some pursuing on Cage’s part, the two took a trip to Mexico where Cage had a breakdown of sorts and Arquette bowed out. Apparently, in March of 1995 Cage returned to that same deli and in a moment usually reserved for movies, spotted Arquette there as well, but this time is is Arquette who proposed. Two weeks later the couple got married in a perfectly funky ceremony that featured the groom in a dark suit, the bride in a leopard jacket and the pair riding off into the sunset in a blue Ferrari. Their whirlwind romance was fleeting, the couple separated a year later and officially divorced in 2000.