Blast From The Past: Former Celebrity Couples

Bar Rafaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio


From 2005-2011 the Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli and American actor Leonardo DiCaprio were in an intense on again and off again relationship. The couple’s journey began one fateful night at a U2 concert in Los Angeles, though nobody is really surprised the relationship ended as DiCaprio is a well-known serial bachelor who has expressed his disbelief in marriage. Since their breakup, Leo has dated a slew of models- so many in fact it’s hard to keep track. Bar, on the other hand, is likely soon to be indicted for tax evasion after lying that she lived with DiCaprio to avoid taxes in Israel. Though they have been broken up for seven years, it seems the connection continues…

Leo and Rihanna


Yes, the super power actor did in fact once date a non-model! Leonardo DiCaprio and Rhianna reportedly hooked up just after his break up with model Bar Rafaeli. Rhianna and DiCaprio were first seen making out at a party in the Playboy mansion in 2015, and afterwards made an attempt to meet discreetly everywhere from Paris to Coachella. Their love seems to have been fleeting, and quite glamorous.