Beauty & Fortune : These Woman Have It All

Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela

A long name with lots of billions to match. At 44 years old, Ana is the youngest female billionaire in Brazil. Her fortune comes from her family’s banking business, one of the largest in Brazil. She is a philanthropist and puts her money to good use, investing in education and healthcare for those less fortunate

Ana is the President of Alana Institute

Her great-grandfather founded the bank Itau, which merged with Unibanco in 2008 to form Itau-Unibanco, Latin America’s biggest private sector bank. She is one of the largest individual shareholders of Itausa, the bank’s holding company, with about 12% of common shares and 3% of preferred shares. Her grandfather founded Duratex, a publicly-traded Brazilian maker of wood paneling and bathroom fixtures; she is a shareholder.