Are Women Taking Up Men’s Responsibilities At Homes And Offices?

It is increasingly becoming a common sight to see many people especially those old enough to be in the offices or capable of managing things on their own, to stay at home these days without doing anything. Again judging from the looks of things these days, you would also  notice that the women who are supposed to be at home or the ones doing lesser part of the family jobs, are the very ones taking up the chunks of the family duties; all things put together! According to statistics, about 57% of women are  in the labor force while the men folks take the lesser percentage.

The big question in the mouth of majority then is, why is it like this when the women traditionally has the larger share of maintaining and keeping the family together at the home front? A woman, name withheld, said that the ‘only time she realizes her feminine status is in the bed with her husband, thereafter the hustle continues because her man, not necessarily for being lazy per-say, but because of not having anything tangible doing.

Even if he finds at all, it’s usually not enough to do anything for the family and so instead of allowing my husband to be out there slaving for nothing, I rather have him stay at home and be more useful to me’.  How did that sound to your ear? Are the women taking over men’s responsibilities at home and at the offices?  We would like to know because we owe it as a duty to have practical steps of how to do things better brought to you and keep you in the know instead of leaving both questions unanswered.

Join the discussion and let’s see how useful it becomes at the end of the day bearing in mind our mission on the internet, which is: Understanding people’s needs and creating useful content, community and experiences based upon meeting those needs and making it free and accessible where possible.

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