APC Data centre raided by security operatives

As to the reasons why a  combined team of State Security Service operatives and naval police officers raided the data centre of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ikeja, Lagos, in the early hours of Saturday, are still  questions little bit difficult for those around the area to answer.
The operatives ransacked the centre and carted away the servers, routers, hard drives from personal computers and the work stations.

The 24 staff on the night shift and another one from her residence were not spared as they were all arrested.

National Project Director, Bisoye Coker, a staff of the consultancy outfit contracted by the APC to set up a data base for its members, following its membership registration February (IT Data Network Limited), said she was still in shock.

“As you can see, I’m absolutely and utterly shocked and dismayed by the fact that the premises were invaded this morning by security operatives from Abuja – that was what I was told. We do not know why they have invaded us. As you can see, they have vandalized some of our properties. This is one of our systems; they’ve taken the hard drive inside,” she said.

She added that her IT manager, Esther Enemuwe, was not on duty when the operatives called, but they got her phone number and address from one of the staff, and went there; ransacked it, arrested her at 1pm and took her to their office at Ketu.

“They were asking her about back-up system and the password to our server, which she doesn’t have access to,” Coker said.

The situation was more of invaders but for the fact that they were all on their security outfits,” got all mouth closed”.


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  1. State Security Service operatives and naval
    police officers have a reason with what they are doing, I think as day goes on we shall find out more about this arrest and violence.

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