A Cinderella Story: an orphan girl gets revenge on her neglecting foster parents

We all wish for our lives to be a fairytale, but when Sam’s life became a real-life Cinderella story, it wasn’t so glamorous. After 10-year-old Sam lost both her parents in a tragic car accident, she was adopted by an elderly couple from her church. It seemed as if they saved her from an orphanage, but the story turned out to be a true Candelilla story when her adopting parents revealed their true faces and Sam’s personal nightmare began. For years she was mistreated by her adopting parents, and as if that doesn’t ring a bell to Cinderella’s tale, add to that a nasty step-sister. This went on for seven years until Sam couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. Sam got her revenge and later shared her victorious story on Reddit under the subreddit ProRevenge.


A loving family

Sam’s story begins like any other. She was a young girl living with her loving parents in a small town, where everyone knew each other and would regularly meet in church.

Since her father was the heir to a small fortune, her parents could afford to live anywhere they wanted, but they were modest people and enjoyed the peaceful life of a small town. Her mother was an antique enthusiast, and the couple owned a small antique shop.

Tragedy ensues

Everything was going good for the family until the tragedy hit. When Sam was merely 10 years old, her parents were involved in a hit and run accident, and they didn’t make it. With no siblings, Sam was left on her own.

Her parents didn’t have any relatives that could take her in, either. That’s when an elderly couple from her church stepped up to the rescue, and took little Sam in.

Her guardian angels

Mr. and Mrs. Banks, as Sam calls them in her post, saved her from ending up in an orphanage. That’s what she thought t the time, at least.

As Sam tells, the church-going couple made a big fuss around the community, talking about how “God has given them this joyous task of bringing her up in their home and hearts.”

The evil step-sister

Sam later learned that the Banks had a daughter of their own, Kitty, who was a year older than her. But instead of finding in her a close friend and a confidant, Kitty gave Sam the cold shoulder, much like Cinderella’s step-sisters.

According to Sam’s post, Kitty’s treatment of her has gone from bad to worse. Mostly, she had her own thing going on and she just ignored her new step-sister.

Learning the truth

As it turns out, the Banks received a stipend from the state to take care of Sam, on top of monthly checks they received from her late father’s estate, which was meant to support her financially until she was eighteen and could receive legal control of her inheritance.

That’s when Sam understood the real reason for the Banks taking her in, which had nothing to do with a godly task or kindness.

Fake love

The Banks had another incentive for taking Sam in – they wanted to build a reputation for themselves in the small town. That’s why whenever they were in public, they would shower Sam with love, in a “sick, cotton candy fashion” that made her extremely uncomfortable.

They also forced Kitty to be nice to her step-sister in public, which both girls resented. When they were back in the house, Kitty couldn’t care less about her stepsister.

Putting on a show

That wasn’t all. Whenever a social worker would show up at the house to check on Sam, Mr. and Mrs. Banks put on a show of what a loving family they are and instructed her to act the same. They instructed her to “praise how godly and wonderful they were.”

They weren’t cruel to her, but not nearly as caring and loving as they wanted the town, and the social workers, to believe. This act made Sam feel completely used and manipulated.

Taking her money

It didn’t end there, though. The Banks took in Sam for her money, and they intended on spending every bit of it. All the money they received to look after Sam, they would spend on material things or trips for themselves.

Even though she was a child, it wasn’t hard for Sam to realize her foster parents were only using a small part of her inheritance and the state money to take care of her.

Every last penny

The Banks pretended they had money of their own, and that’s how they could afford all those luxuries, but when they purchased a new Volvo, Sam understood it was her money they were spending.

They also used her money for trips to New York and Hawaii, and to shower their daughter with new clothes. This went on for several years, and as Sam got older the picture got clearer. When she was seventeen, she noticed her parents were putting away her money for Kitty’s college tuition.

Betraying her trust

Mrs. Banks also took hold of the antique collection Sam’s biological parents spent years collecting. According to Sam, “she practically stole” all her mother’s antiques to keep for herself, give to Kitty or give to other relatives and friends as gifts.

Sam’s biological mother had one special piece of antique in her collection – an extremely rare and expensive china set, that was part of Sam’s inheritance. Mrs. Banks, of course, thought Sam didn’t understand its value and talked about how the set would be Kitty’s gift on her wedding day.

Her mother’s heritage

Sam didn’t care about clothes or material things, and so she used to dress like a tomboy. Mrs. Banks, on her part, interpreted this as Sam being a tomboy and thought she didn’t care for her mother’s china set.

Growing up learning that “things were only things,” Sam didn’t care about having the china set, but what it represented. It was valuable for her mother, and Sam didn’t like Mrs. Banks acting as if it was hers and giving it away.

Saving the banknotes

Since the Banks spent her money on Kitty’s college tuition, Sam had to make plans of her own. She knew no one would take care of her, and she had to take matters into her own hands. Fortunately for Sam, she always excelled in school, and her chances were high of getting to college on a scholarship.

Sam received quarterly statements from her bank regarding her trust fund, and over the years she saved these notices and kept a tally of every single bank statement, to have supervision over her rightful money.

The scam

Sam figured that over these seven years, her foster parents stole more than two hundred thousand dollars of her parents’ money and the money they received from the state to care for her.

Nonetheless, she figured that with the college scholarship she received, the money left in her trust fund should be enough to support her until she gets a job.

Paying her dues

After years of this treatment, of neglecting her and taking her money, the Banks had the audacity to tell Sam that “she owed them” for taking her in, and that when she turns 18 and gets hold of her money, she should remember that and be generous towards them.

Whether they believed it or not, they told Sam she should give them some of her money, as a token of appreciation for all the hard work they put in taking care of her all these years. As Sam was approaching her 18th birthday, the Banks reminded her of this constantly.

Planning her revenge

Seeing as Mr. Banks was an insurance salesman and Mrs. Banks a housewife, Sam soon realized they couldn’t afford to pay for their extravagant purchases and trips with their own money. As soon as she realized that, she made sure to write down every major purchase the couple has made, clearly using her money.

She never said anything to her foster parents, but waited patiently for the day she could use this knowledge and have their scam blow up in their faces.

Making it on her own

As soon as Sam turned eighteen, she couldn’t wait a second longer to leave the Banks’ home and move to her college dorm. The Banks, of course, didn’t bother saying goodbye or seeing her off, as they were sure she’d be back to “give them their due.”

Sam waited for the right moment to implement the first part of her plan. During the years, the Banks used to donate her parents’ belongings on church sales, to better their reputation in church and town.

Outsmarting them

When the next church sale arrived, Sam waited until the Banks left the house for another sopping spree with Kitty, and boxed up all of her mother’s china and antiques.

She gave the box to the church, asking them to donate it in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Banks and use the donation money for the church. If Mrs. Banks was really so godly as she claimed, she should be glad about such a generous donation made in her name.

Showing her true colors

Sam knew that giving the set away for donation would reveal the true face of Mrs. Banks, and she was right. When the day of the sale arrived, the Banks’ were scheduled to work at the church. When Mrs. Banks saw “her” china set for sale, her reaction was even worse than Sam had expected.

She couldn’t care less that the china set was a bit hit in the sale and raised a lot of money for the church; but threw a tantrum, accusing Sam of stealing her set and giving it away without her knowledge. The second part was right, but she got it all wrong about Sam stealing “her” set.

A ruined reputation

According to what Sam was later told, her stepmom was trying to track down the people who bought the pieces and getting them back, unsuccessfully of course.

It had worked out exactly as Sam had hoped, and this whole scenario ruined every bit of good reputation Mrs. Banks managed to accumulate in town thanks to her stolen money. This incident showed the whole town how selfish and fake she really was.

Justice served

About a week later, the second part of Sam’s plan was in motion. She contacted a lawyer and told him the entire story, showing him the bank statements she kept form all those years along with the binder she kept of the Banks’ extravagant spending.

Her step-parents received these files with a warning from Sam’s lawyer that should they ever try to pursue her for money, or contact her at all, they would receive a bill for their debt and a court date.

Sweet revenge

That’s how Sam finally got her sweet revenge, in the most quiet and calculated way. She wanted no connection with them whatsoever, and thankfully, her plan worked, and she never heard from them again.

Naturally, the Banks’ reputation was ruined. They were now considered in town as “the people who mistreated the orphan girl and used her for her money,” quite the opposite of loving and godly.


It was different with Kitty, though. As she got older, she realized the way she treated Sam was wrong, and they reconnected after college. Sam finally got the step sister she was longing for.

Kitty apologized for the way she treated her as a kid, and as Sam shared on her Reddit post, the two are now close friends. She also shared with Sam that she’s “gone to a lot of therapy due to her toxic parents.”

Putting it behind her

Ten years have passed from Sam’s miserable childhood and she can now look back at the story with pride at how she handled it. She now works as a third-grade teacher, she is married and has two children.

Her step-parents couldn’t afford to leave town, and so they stayed in a place where they are complete out-casts, thanks to their nasty behavior. Sam ended her Reddit post saying, “I hope you Volvo was worth it.”