30 years, 30 moments. Celebrating 30 years of Seinfeld with its 30 best moments

Seinfeld, the show about nothing, revolutionized comedy by incorporating real life “challenges” as a type of comedy. This brand of humor hit home to most viewers, with Seinfeld being one of the most popular shows of all time. Seinfeld’s cast, and creative writing helped bring the show to where it is today.


The four main characters, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, are widely considered to be some of the best characters in television history, all having historical comedic moments throughout Seinfeld that will never be forgotten. These are 30 of the top moments in Seinfeld’s glorious history.

The Puffy Shirt (The Puffy Shirt, Season 5, Episode 2)

Inadvertently agreeing to wear this puffy shirt on The Today Show to promote Goodwill charity, Jerry winds up getting mocked for his outfit by show host Bryant Gumbel. This leads to Jerry losing his patience, and putting the shirt on blast.

As usual with Seinfeld, this one action affects the whole episode, with Kramer’s girlfriend taking her anger out on Jerry, and ending George’s hand-modelling career by burning his hands on an iron.