New Years Resolutions to Get you all the way to 2020!

#7 Learn how to cope with stress

In my opinion, stress kills people. Stress is probably the most detrimental thing to humans health and if we do not control our stress terrible things can happen to us. From upset stomachs, anxiety and panic attacks, lack of sleep and break-outs on the skin, Stress are bad for us and we need to learn how to get it under control. If you can do that, honestly I believe you can do anything.

Get it under Control!


Stress is one of those things that can lurk unnoticed for a while, and then it rears its ugly head and you’re in trouble. Instead of waiting for anxiety to show up to tackle it, learn which methods of reducing and managing your stress work best for you. Some people prefer meditation, others yoga, and some like having a support system to lean on.