New Years Resolutions to Get you all the way to 2020!

#4 Start Budgeting

Saving money is not always the most fun thing to do, but at the end of the month when you don’t know where your cash has gone, you’re going to wish you’d kept up with it sooner. The trick is not to make your budget too stringent (I’ve done that and wasn’t able to stick to the plan). Instead, a budget for social gatherings and incidentals (e.g., a locksmith visit, an unexpected meal out, new clothing).

It’s not all about the Money


When we say it is not all about the money it can sound confusing. What we mean by this is that yes saving money physically gives you more money for the future but the art of saving money is also a skill… it can help you out in the future and teaches responsibility and self-control both tips to lead you to a happy and healthy 2020.