New Years Resolutions to Get you all the way to 2020!

#14 Satisfy your wanderlust!

For those of you scratching your heads and thinking what in the world is ‘Wanderlust’, this is what we mean: If all we do is wait until we hit the lotto to go on a dream trip, we’ll never go anywhere. Pick a destination you’ve been dying to visit and make plans to go. Whether it’s a solo excursion, a girls’ trip, or a romantic getaway, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with memories, you’ll never forget.

Believe in Something!


Travellingandffulfillingg your inner wanderlust does not need to cost a fortune. ‘Staycations’ are becoming increasingly popular and we can see why. If you don’t have the funds, or simply do not wish to break the bank you can take yourself off to someplace nice in the place where you live. For example, stay over-night in a hotel, go on an excursion, just make sure you’re doing something fun, enjoyable and or adventurous!