New Years Resolutions to Get you all the way to 2020!

#12 Make time for your Relationship!


Carve out a few extra date nights each month with your partner, even if you just end up staying in and hanging out together (it’s all about the quality time). It is important to make time for those you love, however, there are other ways of expressing your love for someone.

The 5 Love Languages 

I first discovered love languages a couple years ago and since then, my perspective on family, friendships, and relationships have drastically changed. For the better, too. I took the quiz and received my results. It took less than five minutes. My top five, in order, were:
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Receiving Gifts
These results did not surprise me, but they did help me realize something. It is just as important to understand your partner’s love languages as it is to understand your own, especially if your love languages are different from each other’s.