10 Places to Celebrate New Years Eve

New Years Eve can be daunting for many. The question of where to go, what to wear and what type of activity to do can always be distressing and so we have decided to list the 10 best cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There’s a place for everyone and hopefully, this will take off some of the stress off of the big night!


No.1 Sydney


Fun Fact: More people attend New Year’s Eve in Sydney Harbour than in Times Square in New York City! The Sydney fireworks may be the most admired and beloved display worldwide. Fireworks launch from the Opera House, nearby buildings, barges on the water, and from Harbour Bridge. The 12-minute display (a minute for each month of the year) uses nearly all parts of the bridge and includes two special events that have become hallmarks of the Sydney show: the waterfall, a shower of 1,100 candle-fireworks streaming from the bridge to the water below.

No.2 Dubai


There aren’t many places on Earth to witness the spectacle that is New Years in a manmade place, other than Dubai. Explosive fireworks around the city are visible from public spaces, but the best views come from the decadent parties held in the city’s towering skyscrapers, especially the world’s tallest, the Burj Khalifa, where parties rage on the 122nd floor. Dubai was once the world record holder for the largest fireworks display ever, taking place on New Year’s Eve 2013.

No.3 New York City


New York New York! It is the quintessential place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whether you like to watch the ball drop in Times Square, go to a cool hipster party in the West Village or attend a fancy dinner party on the Upper East Side there’s something for everyone. Year-round, the Big Apple is the center of the universe to plenty of people, but on New Year’s Eve, it’s the center for everyone. There are 38 different time zones counting down to midnight on December 31, but all eyes are on Times Square!

No.4 London


Fun Fact: Did you know that fireworks along the Thames are so popular that London now sells tickets for attendance, and they start selling as early as September so you’ll want to plan far ahead for an up-close look at the impressive display. Bonus Fact: public transportation is free from 11:45 pm until 4:30 am, so you’ll save a few pounds after an otherwise expensive evening and won’t have to fight for a cab.

No.5 Paris


If you are lucky enough to be spending New Year’s Eve in Paris, you really are spoiled for choice in terms of the number of ways to celebrate and the local traditions to try out. The Champs-Élysées, particularly towards the Arc de Triomphe, is the site of the official Parisian New Year’s Eve street party. Starting at 9 PM (basically, once everyone has had a massive dinner to help keep them warm for the rest of the evening) people start flocking to the avenue to get in position for the midnight light show. There are also numerous clubs and bars in this neighborhood to head to afterward

No.6 Venice


Venice is always crowded especially in the summer and admittedly, this time of year brings even more throngs than usual to the tiny, twisting alleyways of Italy’s famed floating city. But for good reason. Despite the cost, cold, and crammed canals, the magic of the holiday season seems to eke out even more charm than usual from this romantic destination, making it an ideal spot for that midnight smooch.

No.7 Rio


In Rio street parties rage in just about every neighborhood/subburb from enthusiastic local bashes in working-class neighborhoods to glitzy celebrations in more touristy areas. And, of course, the city’s infamous nightclubs are no strangers to the crushing crowds of New Year’s Eve celebrants.

No.8 Cape-Town


Fondly known as South Africa’s “Mother City,” Cape Town is a favorite destination for countless travelers to the continent, and New Year’s Eve is an ideal time to check out the diverse cultural offerings of this scenic city for free. Throughout the famous V& A waterfront area, pop-up performances ranging from opera solos to dance ensembles entertain throughout the evening.

No.9 Tokyo


If you end up in Tokyo for New Year’s Eve, take an alternative approach to New Year’s Eve and visit one of the many temples for the ringing of the bell. At midnight, a monk will ring the temple bell 108 times to cleanse you from your 108 worldly desires and send you into the new year as pure as possible.

No.10 Hong-Kong


If you’re feeling fancy bring in 2019 at the “Chaiwala New Year’s Eve after party.” This new restaurant will be offering an NYE Tasting Menu of modern Indian cuisine for $850 Hong-Kong dollars a person. That’s 109 U.S. Dollars! However, once seated a DJ kicks off the party at midnight so there is entertainment too! The Chaiwala NYE after-party is open from 11.30pm, so put on your party dress and get ready to eat drink and celebrate the right way!


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