President Goodluck Jonathan visits James Ibori in UK Prison

According to Anthony Anabogu, an Activist who claimed knowledge of the visit, President Goodluck Jonathan's private visit to UK last night was in fact to see convicted former Delta State Governor, James Ibori. See his reports and comment below!

President Goodluck Jonathan visits convicted former Delta State Governor James Onanofe Ibori in Prison in the United Kingdom.

James Ibori remains a major player in Niger Delta politics even as he serve a 5 year sentence for stealing money meant to develop Delta State.

Ibori had accused Jonathan of setting him up. Jonathan had previously pardoned another convict former Bayelsa Governor Alamieyeseigha.

Presidential Spokesperson Reuben Abati could neither confirm or deny the meeting; he stated that, "President Goodluck Jonathan's visit to the UK is essentially private." he said.

Commenting further on this, Mr. Anthony made series of revealing allegations to further prove his points

"Your brother King Nebu ll [Goodluck Jonatha] has worked tirelessly since 2010 to get Ibori freed right from whilst he was still in Dubai holding cell. Are you aware of this if you are not, ask South South Governors"

"When he saw it was difficult and the noise those of us made to block his deals using Uduahgan to buy crowds in the UK and protest outside the court in London, not only that he failed, the British press got involved and made sure his case was reported widely and there was no choice but to succumb and court finished the case and sent him to prison. You need no proof on this, i am giving you the facts of what went down because we were actively activists that saw the conclusion of the case. It is called being patriotic."

"Once the case was completed, King Nebu Il [Goodluck Jonathan] opened another angle which is what we have today with UK. Before now UK has been complaining to Brits that they are spending too much money in keeping prisoners in their prison. As far back as early 2009 i think, they wanted to give Nigeria £1 Million pounds to revamp our prisons so that our can have some standard before they commence transferring foreigners already serving various prison terms to their home countries to complete their jail."

"A cost cutting measure for the UK to cut deep into their spending which conservatives promised before they were elected. Initially Nigeria rejected the move in the National Assembly and this went dead during Yaradua's Government. Jonathan picked up on it and gave his consent and approval when PM Cameron came to Nigeria and Jonathan left Abuja to dodan barracks lagos to meet with him instead of a visiting PM of Britain to go to Abuja. Whatever his reasons was for leaving Abuja na only sabi. All i can tell was the outcome of that arranged meeting."

"That Jonathan send a bill to NASS and make sure that it was approved and passed into law that Nigeria and UK now have a prisoner exchange swap bilateral agreement which will allow UK to offload Nigerians serving prison time in UK prisons to complete their jail term in Nigeria. This bill was expressly sent to NASS and was introduced on behalf of Jonathan by former Senator Victor Ndegba (I hope i got the spelling of his name correctly) he was the senate leader and from South South."

"The bill went through the phases of reading and was passed, i wrote an article against this secret plan which was widely published then Femi Falana took on the same issue of prisoner swap with UK and warned that he will go court should Jonathan forward with this deal. The bill was passed and today UK offloads Nigerians daily at the wee ours of Night and dump them in Murtala Airport. Those in Prison are taking to Nigerian prison regardless of their human rights."

"That is the story and Jonathan has tried using this new opening to bring back Ibori to then offer him a soft landing then pardon him all in his selfish purpose of those that will help him win the 2015 elections nothing more nothing less hence his sneaking out of Abuja yesterday for what they called "private visit" with no details but we have made so much noise that the UK Government promising that high profile prisoners like Ibori will not be sent to Nigeria but na story because we will never cave in. Oga Ibori must complete his jail in the UK whether Jonathan likes it or not."

"For any errors reading this, apologies cos am not disposed to proofread and make corrections but the context is already laid out" he concluded.



  1. ope Adediran

    December 30, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Goodluck to him

  2. Ivongbe Ehijie Judel

    December 30, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    hmm…. stories everywhere

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