The Most Bizarre Things You Can Buy on the Internet

Did you ever wish you could pay someone to stand in line for you? Fantasized about sharing a glass of wine with your cat? Wondered about the meaning of life? Turns out you can buy all these things and more online – a person to stand in line for you, wine for your cat and even the meaning of life (for a surprisingly reasonable price). We all know that the internet is full of weird things; some of the items on the list are incredibly useful while are others are plain weird, but one thing is sure – some of these items are beyond your wildest imagination. This list of stuff you can buy online will make you wonder who comes up with those ideas, and even more puzzling – who buys them.


Nicolas Cage pillow case

The Nicolas Cage pillow case comes in a hundred different designs, shapes and sizes, to fit all your Nicolas Cage needs.

you can find it on Amazon, Ali-express, Etsy and other websites, and the prices range from $4 to $30. You can have him smiling, frowning, or go with the classic Nicolas Cage dreamy gaze.