Social Media Marketing: Benefits Of Developing A Strategy

Good social media management is arguably the single most important benefit of developing a social media marketing strategy. Under this umbrella, we can derive other benefits. Social media marketing is still an evolving area and expertise is quite fluid. That is, what is obtainable or seen as the norm last month may become obsolete, being overtaken by a new and better methodology and keeping abreast of the latest trends is important.

However, there are age-old themes that have held true offline and are still holding true online. This may never change because they are more or less universal laws that apply to multiple fields. Developing a strategy in any field will give you benefits that are tied, not to that field in particular but to strategy development as a tool. Some of the benefits of developing a social media strategy includes:


The Ability To Benchmark Your Progress

You can measure your progress with respect to your stated objectives when you set up a social media marketing strategy. Measuring your progress will give you the ability of knowing what is working and what should be discarded.

The Ability To Stay Aligned

Businesses that go into social media marketing without any stated goals or plans of execution will not know whether they are on the right track. Tracking implies a destination and keeping aligned to that destination implies that they had initially set a strategic course, which they are now following. Businesses that do not plan their entry into social media marketing use it without any form of direction.

They are at sea and tend to go with anything that comes. They lose the ability to properly respond to developments as they unfold because there was no laid down plan of action to follow. Staying aligned is beneficial to the company because they will not lose track of the stated goals and objectives of using that social media platform.

In an environment where there are a thousand and one distractions, it is important to have overriding values that keeps them in check. They get to measure their response to new development based on the direction they are heading. If it will take them away from their stated goal, they will be in a position where they will be able to tell.

The Ability To Respond To Development As They Unfold

Planning and adopting a strategy make you see far and prepare possible responses to different scenarios. It is the prepared mind that can be quick to respond and take advantage of opportunities that comes their way. This also applies to situation that they did not see coming because they have already wired themselves and have a guiding principle in the shade of their stated objectives.

The Ability To Add New Objectives

Being able to measure and benchmark your progress gives you the ability to realign and add new objectives based on the position you are or new developments. For instance, a new product launch may demand the addition of a new objective.

Business that have planned their initial entry and following it up carefully will also plan how to use this platform with respect to the new objective they are adding. This is an added benefit in the sense that there would be seamless integration of the new objective into the overall pan.

The Ability To Control Costs

Being able to control cost is another benefit of having a social media marketing plan. Some businesses outsource their social media management to companies specializing in it. it costs money to do this. It still costs money to run it in-house and it could prove to be costlier if the expertise to run it in-house is just not there.

Having a strategy and executing it professionally will help you in adopting cost control measure as situations evolve.

A Social Media Marketing Plan Encourages Pragmatism

It is important that systematic ways of developing, executing, monitoring and measuring strategies are adopted in all areas of a business. Using social networks to further the cause of an organization does not mean it should be approached in a manner that is less than professional. Developing a strategy allows it to be at par with other areas of the business and in so doing create a standardized way of dealing with it.

Social media marketing is still evolving. Taking advantage of this fluid platform means the organization has to devise systems that will keep them of top of it. developing and executing social media marketing strategies allows it to be managed just like any other arm of the business. It also allows for measured responses in adapting to new trends.


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