Linda Ikeji Mansion, Another Hard Time For Pro Bloggers!

The social media is currently buzzing and what’s the news? That Linda Ikeji has just acquired a mansion worth over five hundred million naira in one of the most expensive neighborhood in the world, Banana Island in Nigeria.

The Linda Ikeji mansion as expected did not go down well with some people. Congratulation messages as well as hatred messages have been pouring in since then. While some accused her of reckless and frivolous spending, others chose to remind her of her marital status as if marriage is a certificate to good life and fulfillment. I want use this medium to remind the “Linda get married” campaigners that there are some who are married but wish they never get married in the first place. There are many whose lives were ended untimely by marriages.

We her fellow bloggers knows how hard it is to make a silk pulse from a highly competitive industry such as ours and therefore congratulate her for her achievement so far. But this mansion is already creating another terribly hard time for professional bloggers like me. How? Tens of thousands of new blogs are going to emerge within the next few days with zero content and zero motivation for adding value. The only motivation they are going to have is Linda Ikeji mansion and Range Rover.

What this means is that our content is going to be constantly under attack from this mediocre new bloggers whose only motivation is the desire to make quick money without working for it. This is dangerous!

Linda Ikeji Mansion
The Linda Ikeji Mansion was listed for between N600m and N800m in property websites |

Spending ours to create original content and spending yet another ours to initiate DMCA take downs is no fun, and this is certainly what we are going to be suffering within the next months.

While we congratulate aunty Linda for her mansion we also mourn the hard times it’s about to create in our lives. But the fact is that we are used to dealing with these and we are prepared for a showdown!


One thought on “Linda Ikeji Mansion, Another Hard Time For Pro Bloggers!

  1. No hard times whatsoever. Just be serious with what you do and let others be, each ones work will project him accordingly

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