Linda Ikeji And Her Blog (See What They Are Missing Badly)


If there is something I really don’t like about Linda Ikeji blog, that has to be it’s lack of innovation or the lack of innovative spirit of it’s owner. This blog is suffering from what has become the normal Nigerian syndrome “don’t touch it as long as it is making you some money”. Money money money, that’s what matters with Nigerians, innovation can go to hell!

Linda Ikeji blog

In his article about Linda Ikeji and her blog, Jason Njoku spoke very well about the traction it has gained over the years, he said “So, Internet kin of Nigeria, all hail Linda Ikeji and her blog because until you hit her traction levels = $revenue + visitors, she is our queen. No matter how much you hate yourself to admit it. Because guess what? Start-ups are about traction. No one cares about your awesome hippy app with its 10 users.” That is very correct but what happens after you’ve gained traction? Do you still keep wallowing in mediocrity?

CNN just reprogrammed and redesigned their website about a week ago, embracing the latest trends in the tech/news ecosystem. That’s how every serious business do – upgrade once in a while and keep innovating!

One thing I’ve found rather appalling about the whole Linda Ikeji Blog setup is leaving a multimillion dollars business, a business that is appraised to worth $10 million in the hands of some people (Google) who could wake up one day and decide to switch it off with little or no explanation.

Last time Linda spoke about her domain holders, she made it look as if holding a domain is a crime. No, it’s not, aunty Linda. It is called street smart business. Nearly 70% of worldwide internet companies (including and got their domain name from holders (Domainers) or people you call cyber squatters.

The best investment you can make right now is to acquire and it wouldn’t cost you more than $100,000 if you hire a serious domain broker. Do it now and migrate to WordPress asap. You wouldn’t know how much you are missing until you blog on WordPress.


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