How To Advertise On Facebook (Practical Guide)

Online Advertising is gaining weight over the offline ads on daily basis. The reason being that online advertising strategies and impact are yielding more results than ever. The goal of reaching a target audience has been so reached that an advertiser could know exactly where his niche is.

Social media has strategized so many ways to offer advertisers the best value for their money, and Facebook is on top of it all, offering people incredible ad opportunities. The question so many people have therefore is; how can I create an ad on Facebook?

Follow me as I practically put you through the process of creating an ad on Facebook.

Start by creating your personal Facebook account, that will enable you to log on to the ad page which is

When you are here, you are at the right place. Click on the create an ad button marked with red. It will take you straight to another page which is this

There are 9 ad options by the left side of the page that cover almost everything you could think of putting out there. Therefore, choose the one that supports your deal. For instance, if you are looking for people to install your App, select “App installs”, which is 5th on the list. Put your App’s link or URL on the address bar at the center of the webpage.

Category choices will  show up, and you will have to choose from them depending on what you want to do. For instance, if your aim is to promote your website, you have to verify the website by adding the name to the address bar. After that, accept terms and conditions, then you will be taken to another page where there will be more work to do.

Note: It may not be the same when you want to advertise a page. There, you will need to create the page first of all in your Facebook account, because the details of the page will be required to develop your ad.

This kind of window is asking: what exactly do you want? There is still option to go back and edit the wish list, but if you have defined what you want, move on to the next criteria.

When you are here, all you need to do is make the page attractive with every good picture that defines what you are trying to promote. Pictures are very powerful ad tools that firstly draw people’s attention before the message. And this page is an important part of your ad on Facebook. When you are done with the photos, you are ready to move on, the next page is-

Here you have multiple options on how you would want the ad to run. Look intently at the page and choose what is best for you. One important thing you must not miss is the description of the ad. Make it in a way that the words defining your business will be as attractive as the pictures attached.

Now you have a few more options to look at.


Before you make the attempt to advertise on Facebook, you are expected to have a target audience; the exact people you are looking for. The page up is designed to help you define them in detail, from location to age limit. At this point, you are almost there. But you have to look at some thing-


Account And Campaign

This is where the big deal is. Facebook offers a budget of  varying costs, low and high. You have the choice to choose from what financial standard you will need to run the ad. Looking at the page, you have to choose what you can handle. However, you should know that the higher you pay the more people get to see your ad, and the more productive it gets.

Note: It’s important you create a payment method before you think of running a Facebook ad-  check this article, How to open PayPal account in Nigeria.

For instance, if your budget is $5 per day, and you have a 20 days schedule, your bill will be $100. So, your budget depends totally on your financially respect. But there is yet another important part of it that you have to consider-  The final stage.

Bidding And Pricing

The final and crucial part of it. You have to choose how you really want to be charged, per click or impression. If you choose per click, you are going to be charged whenever someone clicks on your ad. If you choose per impression, you are going to be charged whenever someone likes your page. The advantage of optimized impression is that those who like your page stay with you while someone who clicks on your ad may never do it again.

Looking at your budget, it is your responsibility to determine how long you want the ad to run.


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