How To Build Your Social Media Reputation Using Sports Reports

The influence of sports in the lives of many could only be compared to that of religion. If you count the number of sports they are, you wonder how many people who could be interested in each of them. But the surprising thing is: as many sports they are, as many fans they are. Counting from the most popular, there are-

AcheryBasketball Boxing Cycling Football-AmericaFootball-Soccer
GolfGymnasticsHandballHockeyHorse raceMotorized sports
Moto gpPoloRugbySailingSkatingSkiing

These loyal fans who follow the passionate games with excitement, yearn for answers when they are not on the screen watching  them, (the games). In such times, the alternate source of feeds are found on the social media.


Using Facebook Page

About 2 billion people who use this platform have so many things in common, one of them is sports. There is almost no sports team without a page on Facebook, giving you an already developed platform to lure your target audience. You can start by commenting on the team’s page, while you pay attention to others who comment, then add them as your friends. It is important that you add as many friends as possible who share your sports objective, because Facebook is going to make recommendation (ask them to add you) to their friends based on what you have in common  with them.

Take initiative: as your network grows, you may see a need to create a fan page, where sports fans of  teams would come together, and express their opinions about whatever is trending in their world of sports. But it is important that you take the initiative, I mean, start a topic that would draw the attention of fans. It could be about how an official performed during a match, it could be about how a team player lost it. The thing is; you only have to be objective. Do not show your support for any team, unless, you created the page for that team only.

Using Your Twitter

The beauty of Twitter is having many followers. And it starts with what you have to offer. Athletes, and people with sports interest, always have a high number of followers. And that means, sports is of big interest to a whole lot of twitter users, and providing them with such updates will get you many followers.

For instance, if there is a soccer match, and a fan couldn’t watch it because he’s on the move. He would use his mobile phone to get updates on twitter. Where the reports, commentaries, and brief analysis would be coming subsequently. That is what a true fan would want. And that’s a good reason to be followed on twitter.

However, the chance of getting known does not depend  only on what you have to offer, (although, Twitter may recommend you to others based on that) but you really need retweets/ and recommendations from popular accounts.

Even On Google+

This social media platform uses a broader scope to relay information: that means, match reports should be accompanied by pictures. But like other social media platforms, it uses common interest to bring people together, but could make wide suggestions based on people you already know. However, the important thing is bringing the needed content to your page.

Contents are always better with pictures, so make pictures that will depict what you are discussing with your audience.

Using YouTube

It is true you can upload and share videos with other social sites, but creating a YouTube account will give you the opportunity to have followers with videos to view. And that means you have to record exciting parts of the matches. For instance, soccer will require you recording the goals, chances missed, adept displays etc. The same applies when your choice of sports is basketball, or tennis. Those who missed the action live, will always have where to go and watch what really happened.

Whatever your choice of game is, the success  depends on three things-

    1. Dedication
    1. Resources
    1. Consistency

To harmonize  these three things, you need to create the required time, be ready to spend the needed fund, and most of all, become consistent with any sports of your interest. Follow digital/ online links that will keep you updated at all times.


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