Is Linda Ikeji Really Making Enough Money To Buy A ₦500M Mansion?

It is no longer news that one of the most popular blogger in Africa, Linda Ikeji just got herself a brand new mansion in Banana Island which is one of the most expensive neighborhood in the world. But what is now news is how people are going about discussing it on the social network, especially on Nairaland.

Comments I read on Nairaland today really got me sick, in fact sick to my very bone. These comments only confirm one thing, the level of ignorance that exist among Nigerian internet users. These sorts of mindsets are the reason guy came all the way from Austria to takeover Nigerian internet news space raking million of dollars without any major challenge because none of these bullshits believe anything is working on the internet. None actually realize how much that site is earning monthly.

Have you, the wise ones of Nairaland ever asked yourselves why Google is one of the most profitable company in the world with a plain web page and a search bar? Google is earning billions from that simple web page because billions of people are using it – so is Linda Ikeji.

Now let me explain these to my fellow Nigerians from a professional blogger’s point of view. And as someone who is currently building some of the most serious online platforms in this part of the world.

The Linda Ikeji Mansion in Banana Island
The side view of Linda Ikeji mansion in Banana Island |

1. Linda Ikeji Blog is a very big blog and deserve to be earning such amount of money. A blog that generate over 50million page views monthly should be making close to $1million monthly if well and properly monetized.

2. There are thousands of blogs that make more than $2million monthly. Example:,,, TMZ.COM,,,, etc. LindaIkeji blog is not far from this category of bloggers and news medias.

3. You guys should quite using Seun of Nairaland to judge Linda. Seun’s Nairaland is one of the most poorly monetized website I’ve ever seen on the internet. Seun to me is a very opinionated and arrogant human being who is just wise in his own eyes and has ignored all useful advice regarding his website monetization. So, Seun is not making much money from Nairaland despite how big the site is, simply because Nairaland is not well monetized. So far, he has refused to accept nor act on all the useful and wise advises people have been giving him for free.

4. Web platform is one of the best property you can have. Linda is having 67milion Nigerians right on her very palm of hands. You wouldn’t know how much that means until you build a web platform like Linda’s blog and have those numbers – it means billions in advert revenue.

Linda Ikeji standing right at the entrance gate to her newly acquired $2million+ mansion |
Linda Ikeji standing right at the entrance gate to her newly acquired $2million+ mansion | via Linda Ikeji Instagram

5. Stop being deceived by how much or how little you are earning in your working place. Serious bloggers and other web property owners are earning more than the company where you work right now. is projecting $200,000 monthly revenue within the next 24 months and base on our current growth rate, we may surpass that in record time. Hope none of you will shout blood money in the next 24 months.

Now to answer the raised question. Yes she can afford a ₦500m mansion in Banana Island or anywhere in any part of the world for that matter. Not only she can afford it, she can also maintain it comfortably.

She deserve every good things that has come her way because she has worked hard for it. Linda, you deserve the enjoyment that comes with hard work because only us knows how hard it is to build serious platforms online. When you create value you will be rewarded with wealth – that’s what is happening to you.

To some who says the money comes from prostitution, you can send all your family into prostitution and see how much they make.

To some who says it’s money laundering, you can resign your current job and take up money laundering business and see how much you make.

To some who says the house is not paid for, you can walk into the Banana Island and occupy one of those buildings there on credit/mortgage.

But the truth is that Jumia, MTN, GTB, Konga, Guiness, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Fidelity Trust Bank, Glo, Etisalat, Nigerian Artistes, Government Agencies, Political Parties, DSTV, Wema Bank, All the banks in Nigeria, and hundreds of other companies and businesses, all of them are somewhere laughing at you guys, laughing at your ignorance because they know how much they cough out every month advertising on Linda Ikeji Blog.

It can only get better for her and us.



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  1. Mr darlington, i understand youre trying to prove a point, but the figures you produced out of thing air are beyond ridiculous. 2 million dollars a month? come on now, i know nigerians are gullible but thats a bit of a stretch, as at december 2015, Micheal Arrington is the richest blogger in the world and he makes about 500k -800k a month so your figures are totally absurd. if you meant in a year i wouldnt disagree but do your research before misleading people. Thanks

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