How eCommerce Can Boost Your Business On The Internet

The first comprehensive “electronic commerce” or eCommerce was launched in 1984 by CompuServe. It was an electronic mall, covering the US and Canada alone. Since then, firms have launched whatever people care about. This system of commerce allows people  from all walks of life to access your goods and services wherever they are, using the internet. It involves electronic payment, data collection, etc. By 2017, it is estimated that, business to consumer (B2C) commerce will hit $2.357.4 trillion. All odds considered, the opportunity is open and lucrative. It uses applications such as-

These tools enable you to transact business smoothly, but, it all starts from how you use them. Her are the steps you should follow.


Your products and target audience

How big you start your eCommerce depends on how vast your products and services have grown. Some firms have risen  internationally, others are only known within their locality. However, the decision to expand depends on where your target audience are. If your products are acceptable worldwide, there is no stopping you.

Pure-Click Or Brick And Click?

Pure-click or pure play companies are those that just launched e-commerce website without previous existence as a firm. Brick and clicks companies are those already existing companies that have added an online site for eCommerce. The latter gives you a better opportunity to know your niche, using already existing customer relationship. The first needs a lot of calculations.

Using Your Niche

If your company is a pure-click. You really need to  focus on your niche.  How your products and services appeal to your audience, and how best to reach them. If it is Brick and clicks, you really need to keep the crowd coming with exciting new things.

Count The Cost

For the starters, it will be ideal to count the cost of everything, website, advertisement, all protocols. Then make analysis, comparing the cost  to your niche. You will see if your target audience is worth it.

Website And E-Payment

In time, the number of people who visit your website will increase. If the website is not designed to accommodate a large number of people concurrently, it will hinder transactions. So your online transaction processing system (OLTP) should be designed with software that will enable your website to progress accordingly.

Most eCommerce payments are made online. Financial institutions issue various forms of payment, giving a range of choices. It all depends on what you want. However, there are other forms of it available almost to everyone.

Net Banking-It is used in some countries by customers with internet banking enabled accounts. In this system, one only has to specify the bank he wishes to pay from.

Paypal- is a global eCommerce payment system that allows online money transfers to serve as electronic alternative to the traditional method.

Google wallet. It is another version of payment like Paypal. But it has high security features, and enables one to send payment via email.

Social media.

When you have taken all the necessary steps, it will be the time to get people to know about your products, goods and services. And the best place to meet as much people as you need, is the social media networks. It may require winning as much crowd as possible, but it will help you more if you run some ads

Delivery System

Another crucial point of eCommerce is the delivery of goods and services purchased by clients. It takes a lot of dimensions.  Mail delivery motorbikes, mail vans, and air waybill. Work the ways out and ensure that goods and services are safely delivered to their owners.


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