Watermelon and weight loss

Nutritionists have confirmed that the best way to loose weight is to eat more of fruits and vegetables, reduce the intake of fats and exercising. We shall explore some benefits of one of the best fruits that can help one to lose fat while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Watermelon and weight loss go together. This is because, if you are looking for a cheap and healthy way to lose weight, then you must include watermelon in you diet.

The Citrullus lanatus (popularly known as watermelon), which originated from southern Africa, is a fruit in the botanical family of Cucurbitaceae. It has a tough green rind and a pink interior with many seeds.

Nutritional benefits

The watermelon, as it name implies, contains 91% of water. This makes it filling and hydrating. It is also a good source of vitamin A and C. Since you must eat less calories than you burn if you want to lose weight, watermelon is one of the foods you cannot do away with, as it is low in calories and fat and is also cholesterol free.

It is more advisable to eat the rind, the pulp as well as the seeds of the watermelon. This is because, the rind of the fruit contains Citrulline and arginine, an amino acid which helps to lower blood pressure reducing the risk of heart disease. Also, the pulp and seeds contain certain carotenoids that are essential for our health.

Apart from its weight loss benefits, watermelon contains an amount of potassium and no sodium which makes it healthy for the heart. The 6% of sugar it contains is natural and healthy for the body. The presence of antioxidants in the fruit makes it capable of boosting the body’s immune system.

To obtain a satisfactory result, you must balance your intake of watermelon with other foods that are equally essential for weight loss. Such as cucumber, apple, avocado, fish e.t.c You can take it along with other fruits by blending it into a smoothie or making a fruit salad. As long as you take the watermelon with other fruits and vegetables, cut down on your intake of fats and exercise daily, you can be sure to lose weight in no time and maintain a healthy way of life.


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