Tips to eat well and to keep your portion sizes in check

A steady intake of large portion sizes translates into a surplus of calories that can quickly lead to weight gain. And in a world where big food has become the norm, it’s easy to get used to eating larger portion sizes than your body needs to maintain a healthy weight.

Want to train yourself to eat smaller portions and to stay in shape? then here are some strategies to train your appetite to adjust to smaller portion sizes:

1, Slow your eating pace

2, Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and add flavor with lemon or orange.

3, The ideal training diet should include a wide variety of foods

4, Eating proper sized portions requires constant vigilance.

5, Use smaller plates and glass cups.

6, Fill up your plate with lot of vegetables.

7, Don’t serve to much food on the dinning table it encourages overeating.

8, Learn how to enjoy favorite food in moderation.

9,  Don’t give up on exercise it is good for you to stay in shape.

10, Listen to your body; eat when you’re hungry


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