How To Stay Healthy For Your Business, These Five Tips Will Save Your Life

To stay healthy is not not a magic. You can achieve it if you try. Naturally,human body is organized in a way that when we do the right thing at the right time, there will be no reasons for us to get sick or get old, before old age. To maintain a healthy living,we need to do the following:


Take The Right Nutrients

We need balance diet to remain healthy at cellulars level. Because of the poor economic condition of our environment,busy schedules or ignorance,we end up eating what we can efforts or what we want. The red and white blood cells renew its self every seven (7) years, but due to poor nutrients, they break down and results to formation of radical cells that destroy even the morel cells of the body; resulting to a lot of malfunction in the body such as: Abnormal growths, cancers, lumps fibroid, etc.

To stay healthy always, we need to take the six classes of food at the proper time,if we want to remain healthy. The alkaline acidic content of our food intake is very important.

Regular Exercise

Our immune systems is the body defense; regular exercise help to build and protects the body from foreign invaders of pathogen. Weak immune system can allow different diseases to invade the body. Regular exercise help to get rid of waste products through sweat, urination, aspiration and defecation, and make you stay healthy. Exercise can be carry out in various forms: by jogging, taking a walk along the roadside, or at a gymnastic centers. Depending on your ability; make your exercise simple.

Reducing Stress

Stress is a silent killer diseases. According to Prof.Lin Hu,PhD. “Stress upsets the body normal balance,creating,the breeding space for so many illnesses such as: cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic disease etc. According to statistics; stress is said to have contributed 80 percents of major illnesses.

when we are under stress, the body naturally responses with the fights of flight of mechanism of the renal gland.  As a result, there is an increase of adrenaline secretion, resulting to high blood pressure and increase heart beat etc”. Therefore, to avoid stress, we need to have enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and engaging in regular exercise, can helps us to cope.

Water Treatment System

Water is life;nowadays people are tending to eat meats,eggs and all kinds of pre-processed food. Few are taking mainly vegetables or fruits. That is why more than 90 percents of people, experiences both physical and mental pains, above all weak immune system. Weak acidic water,makes us feel tired and weak. But alkaline (pH value 7.1 to 8.0) makes people feels active, healthy and strong immune prevention. According to the world Health Organization (WHO) define healthy water, as follows:

1) No toxin,No harmful,No odor which mean pure.
2) Containing necessary minerals at a normal
3) Soft with CaCo2 50mg-200mg/L.
4) With normal level of O2 and Co2
5) Water molecule is smaller.

Regular Medical Checkup

Staying healthy requires regular check up. A qualify medical  doctor treats and gives advice or recommendation on issues affecting the body. An average African,prefers the use of herbal medicine,where adequate measurement may not be known or the exact quantity that is needed for a particular sickness. While some are qualified of treating illnesses.

It’s wise to see a medical doctor. Therefore, visit your doctor regularly for a healthy living!


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