Sadly, Dr Martin Salia died of Ebola

Dr Martin Salia, a Sierra Leone surgeon, who contracted Ebola helping others has died of the disease. Dr Salia was in critical condition when he arrived at the Nebraska medical center and sadly he did not make it.

The hospital spokesman Taylor Wilson said Salia died in the early morning hours on Monday. Salia was taken to Omaha because some Ebola patients had been successfully treated there.

Dr Phil Smith, the medical director of the Biocontainment unit has thus expressed his sympathy saying- “Dr Salia was extremely critical when he arrived here, unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were not able to save him.”

Ebola has claimed over 5000 lives, including those of health workers. Five doctors who so far have contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone did not make it.

Salia’s wife, Isatu, has been gratefully on high hope that her husband, who she calls “my everything” will walk back home. Unfortunately, she has to contend with other Ebola made widows.


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