Lower Back Pain In Women, Causes, Treatment And Prevention

Chronic lower back pain in women, is a problem for many women, especially for those of us with Lifestyle and Anatomical risk factors. Understanding the nature of your problem is the first step toward healing.

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Causes Of The Lower Back Pain In Women

Whether your back pain is chronic or acute, it’s possible to find some relief, all back pain can’t be eliminated but by being proactive you can make bad episode less frequent and less painful. Here are some of the major cause of lower back pain in women.

1. Weight – Overweight people have an increased risk for lower back pain. This is especially true for people with extra weight around the mid-section, which pulls the pelvic forward, creating stress on the lower back.

2. Sedentary Lifestyle, lack of exercise can cause or worsen lower back pain in women, because of increased stiffness and weakened muscles, sedentary people miss out on the benefits of regular physical activity including nourishment of spinal discs soft tissues and Ligaments.

Constantly Sitting Down, Being Sedentary Could Worsen Your Lower Back Pain, Anxiety And Mental Health
Constantly Sitting Down, Being Sedentary Could Worsen Your Lower Back Pain, Anxiety And Mental Health

Strengthening exercise for the muscles of the abdomen can help provide better support for the spine.

3. Sitting posture – Sitting in office chairs for hours at a time can cause lower back pain in women or worsen existing pain. Most people sit wrongly, sitting forward or slouching down in a chair can overstretch the  spinal ligaments and strain the discs and surrounding structures in the spine. Over time, incorrect sitting posture and poor workplace ergonomics can contribute to or cause recurrent episodes of back pain.

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4. Stress – Most people who are under stress and don’t manage it  effectively tend to sleep poorly have a poor diet and get little exercise  add stress-related muscle tightness to the mix and lower back pain problem can result.

Taking good care of yourself when you are stressed by doing relaxation and breathing exercise and finding time to exercise everyday even  if  its nothing more than a 10 or 15 minute walk  can help prevent lower back pain in women and every one in general.

5. Lifting Techniques, whether you lift every day or occasionally, knowing how to do it  properly especially if you are out of shape or overweight you can reduce your chance of hurting your back to lift correctly always be sure to bend your knees, keep your back straight and tighten your abdominal muscles when lifting keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid twisting. Don’t  lift anything that is too heavy  without assistance.

6. Smoking, smokers are almost three times more likely to develop low back pain than nonsmokers, the nicotine in cigarette smoker thickens the wall of the blood vessel, This restrict blood flow through the large and small blood  vessel of the lower back and increases the amount of time for healing and recovery if you have a back injury.

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Treatment And Remedy For Lower Back Pain In Women

Try alternating ice and heat on your back ice will help reduces inflammation and heat help improve blood flow anti- inflammatory drugs and muscles relaxants may help relieve symptoms while the muscles heal. Injection of anti- inflammatory medication may also help, but there are potential side-effect seek doctor advice .

Losing few pounds if you are over-weight will help relieve the stress on your spine and your joints standing up straight and regular physical activity like strengthening exercise for your back .

spending too much time on bed or in a seat will lead to worsening lower back pain in women.

Keeping your back healthy and strong by lifting weight or carrying things in a proper ways back pain is treatable ther is no reason to suffer from pain that will keep you out of action,for many people the prospect of living free of back pain is well worth it.

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