How To Stay Healthy During Harmattan

Harmattan is a dry and dusty wind, it blows from  the Sahara Desert and blow over to east and western Africa. It starts lightly in late November and become stronger in December to march. It carries large amount of dust and particles.This dust is so heavy that it becomes cloudy and  difficult for one to see ahead, especially in the morning which causes transportation problem.

During Harmattan everywhere looks dusty and brown as a result of the numerous dust that settles on every surface of the earth. This dusty wind gives rise to respiratory infections like cough, asthma, catarrh and conjunctivitis especially in the north. Aside these, Harmattan has other numerous adverse effect on some people such as hair breaking, dryness of skin, cracking of lips and sole of feet whereby to others it is the best weather so far.


Tips To Follow To Ensure Healthy And Beautiful Stay During Harmattan

  • Avoid exposing your skin to the harsh weather; make sure you put on socks, hand-gloves, sweater and head warmer.
  • Keep your skin healthy by applying oily cream.
  • For kids, apply shea butter or cocoa butter on their body this will keep them warm all day.
  • Apply lip balm on your  lip regularly to protect lip from cracking also application of Vaseline to the sole of the feet will prevent them from cracking.
  • Apply hair oil to the hair daily to avoid breakage.
  • Regular intake of fruits and vegetable, this will help to moisturize the skin.
  • Make sure your food and fruits are properly washed and preserved to avoid contamination.
  • For proper eye hygiene, rinse with clean water and wearing of protective spectacle is advice to reduce the exposure to dust.
  • Asthmatic patients should pay attention to their health, avoid been exposed to dusty atmosphere and they should also make sure they are always with their inhalers at all time.
  • Finally, we should keep our homes warm, but we have to be careful about this because this is the season when fire outbreak is very common.
A picture of someone with a broken lip as a result of Harmattan
A broken lip as a result of Harmattan

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