How To Prevent Excessive Sweat

Sweat is a moisture that discharge through the pores of the skin as a reaction to heat or physical exertion to cool the body. Normally sweat doesn’t smell, what causes smell is when bacteria on the skin and hair metabolize the proteins and fatty acids in sweat, they produce an unpleasant scent.

Sweating is necessary for our body to function well, it cleans the skin while releasing toxins and bringing moisture back into the body. If you’re in the middle of an intense activity and stop sweating, it’s a sign of dehydration, It help us to know when our body need water.

Excessive sweating especially around the armpit can be embarrassing or make someone loose his or her self confidence in the public. This has been a problem many people have been going through and have even stop wearing their white T-shirt to avoid yellowish or black stains.


How to prevent Excessive Sweat

Regular exercise will help reduce excess fat, therefore reducing sweat production.

Your choice of clothing more prone to sweat avoid fabric such as nylon, rayon and polyester.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.

Avoid anxiety when you are anxious your heart pounds, your mouth becomes dry and you begin to sweat.

Avoid pep-perish, spicy and hot foods.

Take your bath two or three times a day to reduce sweat and odor

Drink enough water it will keep the body’s internal temperature lower, reducing the call for excessive sweat production.

Lime can also help, cut a lime in half and rub it under your arms until the skin is coated in juice then let it dry, this may reduce sweating.

Sometimes excessive sweat can be a sign of diabetes, leukemia, menopause, tuberculosis, heart and lung disease. Seek for medical check up to know exactly the cause of your excessive sweat.


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