Ebola will come back soon to Nigeria – Pastor Chris

The chances of Ebola coming back to Nigeria in 2015 is still possible if the country does not pray hard, those are the prophesy of Dr Chris Okafor, the General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracles Ministry.

Speaking at the special cross over service held in his church in Lagos, on Thursday he gave  prophesy concerning things that will happen in Nigeria 2015.

‘I saw the Nigerian flag tearing apart with a lot of blood stains on it. I was made to understand that if adequate measures are not taken, the country is on the verge of splitting and this will also result to a lot of blood shed which might not augur well for the country but can be averted with fervent prayers,”

Also, he stated that the Ebola disease that was expunged from Nigeria might resurface in the country if Nigerians did not pray very well to avert it.

He added that if it succeeded in penetrating into the country the second time, it would be more disastrous than the first episode. He said: “I see a serpent climbing the fence, the more it tries to climb the higher the fence becomes. The kingdom of darkness is not resting on its oars to bring back the deadly disease that was nailed out of the country last year.

Further on the political scene, he revealed that the forthcoming elections would be characterized by violence and bloodshed which could be as a result of dissatisfaction mostly from the losing faction after the elections.

Again, he said the seat of power of the country was shaking spiritually, adding that he foresaw a situation where men in uniform usurp the seat of power of the country.

He said: “Spiritually, the seat of power is shaking. I will love to speak in parables. I see men in uniform trying to take-over power. I’m not trying to be negative but Nigerians should be prepared for the unexpected. If the country can raise a voice and cry to the lord it can be averted.”

Dr. Okafor stated that God revealed to him that a former head of state will pass on this year.

“A former head of State will pass on. His death will mean a lot to so many Nigerians who strongly believe in the capacity of the person. However, with prayer the evil day can be averted,” he noted.

Also known as the Oracle, Okafor predicted that one sitting and two former governors will pass on this of Nigerians fail to pray for their governors.

In his words: “One sitting Governor and two former Governors will pass on this year. Nigerians in respective of their tribe, language and states has been challenged to pray for their governors as God revealed to the man of God that a sitting governor and two former governor will pass on, if Nigerians fail to pray for their governors.”

The Oracle of God also prophesied that most successful businessmen in Nigeria will lose millions of Naira in fire outbreaks in most markets and enjoined Nigerians to pray fervently to reverse it.

According to him: “Millions of Naira will be lost by major businessmen in fire outbreaks. These fire outbreaks will take place in most Nigerian markets. Nigerians are advised to be more cautious and pray about it.”

Dr Chris Okafor Takes Evangelism to the Less Privileged, As Liberation City Graduates Pioneer Students | Constative
Pastor Chris Okafor Takes Evangelism to the Less Privileged, As Liberation City Graduates Pioneer Students | Constative

He also foresees trouble in the aviation industry, where there shall be air disasters, especially locally and noted that stakeholders in the industry should gird their lions and pray about it.

“Plane crash is imminent, especially locally. The aviation industry and stakeholders have gone to sleep again as 2014 is a little free from disaster. Stakeholders should join hands together to pray and work out modalities on how to keep the air-space safe.

The General Overseer noted that there will be more deaths in the entertainment industry and enjoined them to pray and seek God’s face to avert the evil days.

In the economic scene, Dr. Okafor prophesied that the global economy and Nigerian economy will be weakend further, particularly economies dependent on oil.

In order to avert the evil days and prophesies, Dr. Okafor has commenced a 52 weeks prayer session for the country, which began on January 1, 2015.


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