Drugs That Kill Breast Cancer Tumors In 11 Days Discovered

Researchers have discovered a new therapy that kills breast cancer tumors in just eleven days . The new therapy trial was successful on breast cancer patients that were given a combination of two targeted drug and some of the patients breast cancer tumors shrunk significantly and completely cured some patients in just eleven days.

According to UK Telegraph report the combined drug therapy which would cost around £1,500 for treatment entirely destroyed tumors as large as 3cm.

The findings mean that in future, thousands of women might be spared grueling rounds of chemotherapy that normally follow surgery, experts said.

The UK study involved women suffering from one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer HER2 positive who were given a combination of two targeted drugs.

Almost nine in 10 women showed some response to the treatment meaning the number of cancer cells began to fall. In one in four cases, the powerful cocktail saw tumors shrink significantly, and in some cases totally vanish.

The drug was shown to be effective even in cases where disease had spread to the lymph nodes, the study, presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam, found.

Researchers said those taking part in the trial were left astounded at the “mind-blowing” effect of combining two drugs – Herceptin, the current standard treatment for such cases, with a second drug called Tyverb.

They said the breakthrough could radically change future treatment of breast cancer, as treatment with high-cost drugs for less than a fortnight was “dirt cheap”.


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