Cameroon says border with Nigeria to remain closed till Ebola is over in West Africa

Looks like The Republic of Cameroon is not blinking eyes anytime soon over it’s border closure with Nigeria over the fear of the spread of Ebola virus in West Africa? That is if the statement credited to the country’s South West Governor is anything to go by. Read the full story as originally published on Cameroon online journal —

Cameroon Journal — South West governor, Okalia Bilai Bernard, has told administrative officials in Ekok that the borders with Nigeria should remain closed until such a time when Ebola will be erased in West Africa.

He was speaking in Ekok, Eyoumojock and Mamfe during a second lap of his socio-economic tour of Manyu Division, where he urged administrative, health and security officials to be on alert as surveillance heightens against any case of the Ebola Virus in the country.

Though no Ebola case has been recorded this far in Cameroon, medics say the presence of the disease in West Africa puts Cameroon at risk.

The Governor noted that although Nigeria is now Ebola free, the situation in West Africa remains worrisome. The populations of the border communities, just like other Cameroonians he said, have to observe high levels of hygiene, as well as give up such practices like wake keepings with corpses among others.

At the end of a meeting last August 19, the Governor disclosed that the borders with neighbouring Nigeria will be closed since Nigeria had confirmed Ebola cases.

“For the moment, we have not yet registered any case of Ebola disease in our country. For us to be protected, all movements of persons and goods at the borders with neighbouring Nigeria are suspended,” he said then.

The governor in Eyoumojock, Ekok and Mamfe assured the population of government’s willingness to solve their urgent needs, urging the population to collaborate with government services to check illegal immigration and crime.

Closure indeed: This is Cameroon - Nigeria border in 2012 | Photo by Emeka Okereke
Closure indeed: This is Cameroon – Nigeria border in 2012 | Photo by Emeka Okereke

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