Back Pain Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

Back Pain is any pain felt in the back as a result of a fall, lifting something heavy or a sports injury. The pain can be dull, sharp or piercing depending on the origin and duration. Some pains originate from the vertebral column (spine), muscles, nerves, and bones. Back pain is a common ailment that affect everyone irrespective of age and gender but there are people who are more susceptible to back pain symptoms.


Classification Of Back Pain

Back pain can be separated into three segments:

*Upper back pain: This is the pain that is felt at the upper abdominal, chest area and the shoulder blade. Upper back pain also go along with neck pain.

*Middle Back Pain: Middle back pain is any type of pain or discomfort in the area between your upper and lower back, It is refer to as the lower thoracic area.

*Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain is pain that originates in the lumbar or sacral regions of the spine. It is mostly common among women.

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The Risk Factors Of Back Pain

Age: As one gets older he became more susceptible to back pain, the back spine starts degenerating which may result to Spinal stenosis.

Poor Physical Fitness: Exercise helps in stretching and strengthening our body at the same time making it flexible. When you don’t indulge in it, it makes it easier for you to develop back pain.

Job: The kind of job we do most times expose us to back pain. like the sedentary type of job that you have to sit for a long time,or any job that has to do with pulling, pushing or lifting of objects may also cause back pain.

Overweight: When you become overweight you find it difficult to move your body.Too much weight stress the back which may lead to back pain.

Smoking: The smoke from cigarette impairs the flow of oxygen to the body tissue and this predisposes a person to back pain.

Genetic Factor: Some back pain may be heredity. Especially those that come through arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis (a form of spinal arthritis).

Back Pain Symptoms

There are many causes of back pain, here are some back pain symptoms:

*Disk Breaking: As one ages the spinal discs break down or degenerated. The generative disc mostly occur in the discs in the lower back which result in back pain.

*Spasms: This is a great pain that is felt in the back when there is involuntary contraction of a muscle. It occur mostly as a result of an underlying condition such as facet joint(small joint between and behind adjacent vertebrae) arthritis.

*Tense Muscles: Tense muscle is typically caused by the physiological effects of stress and can lead to episodes of back pain.

*Ruptured disk: An abnormal protrusion of a spinal disk between vertebrae, most often in the lumbar region of the spine, causing pain due to pressure on spinal nerves.

*Arthritis: This is a disease that causes painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints in the hips, lower back, knees and hands.

Here are some everyday activities that can cause back pain symptoms: Bending down for too long, Over Stretching, Driving for too long, Lifting of objects and so on.

Prevention And Treatment Of Back Pain

*Sitting upright with support in the small of your back.

*Take break regularly to stretch your legs while driving.

*Avoid sudden movements which can cause muscle strain.

*Best position for sleeping is sideways.

*Keep stress and tension away.

*Avoid lifting heavy objects.

*Exercise your body regularly by walking, swimming and stretching.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation: This is an electrical procedure to reduce both acute and chronic pain and after that you will have a small incision.

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Pain killers: Doctors can prescribe painkillers drugs such Aspirin, Ibuprofen to treat most back pain, it depends on how mild or chronic the pain is will determine doctor prescription.


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