Avoid These Foods If You Want to Live a Healthier, Happier Life


What You Need to Know

We’ve collected this information to help you make better food choices. We aren’t telling you that you must cut these out of your diet completely (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea), but rather, it’s best to avoid eating/drinking these items on a daily basis. The reason is simple, these foods have been found to have a derogatory effect on our health when eaten regularly or in large quantities. Read on to learn more.

Instant Noodles

This college staple contains ingredients like MSG that can trigger food cravings and painful migraines. University researchers found that eating instant noodles more than once a week increases your risk of cardiometabolic syndrome, raising the likelihood of developing heart disease and other conditions, such as diabetes and stroke. Better to grab a whole-grain sandwich with a freshly prepared filling.


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