Avoid These Foods If You Want to Live a Healthier, Happier Life

What You Need to Know

We've collected this information to help you make better food choices. We aren't telling you that you must cut these out of your diet completely (although that wouldn't be a bad idea), but rather, it's best to avoid eating/drinking these items on a daily basis. The reason is simple, these foods have been found to have a derogatory effect on our health when eaten regularly or in large quantities. Read on to learn more.

Instant Noodles

This college staple contains ingredients like MSG that can trigger food cravings and painful migraines. University researchers found that eating instant noodles more than once a week increases your risk of cardiometabolic syndrome, raising the likelihood of developing heart disease and other conditions, such as diabetes and stroke. Better to grab a whole-grain sandwich with a freshly prepared filling.

Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

While coffee has certain health benefits, non-dairy creamer does not. Fake creamers are filled with artificial ingredients, liver-damaging high-fructose corn syrup, inflammatory hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors. Take it black or add milk.

Diet Soda

According to a report in "Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism" diet soda is not only linked to weight gain, but diet soda drinkers who maintained a healthy weight range still had a significantly increased risk of the top three killers in the United States: diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn

Diacetyl is used in many fake butter flavorings despite the fact that the chemical is known to be harmful to factory workers. Unfortunately, it's not disclosed on microwave-popcorn bags because flavoring formulations are trade secrets. It's worth the effort to make your own popcorn with butter.

Grape Jelly

Unfortunately today's ordinary grape jelly is so highly processed that it is basically jelly-textured candy loaded with various forms of sugar, artificial colors, and flavors. Substitute real fruit or raw honey in your peanut butter sandwiches.

Canned Tomatoes

BPA is a chemical used to coat the lining of cans and most plastic product and it isn't good for us. As tomatoes are highly acidic, it draws out more of the BPA into the food from the lining. So, canned tomatoes have an especially high risk of leaching BPA into the tomatoes because of the acidity. So buy your tomato sauce in jars.


Margarine is a highly processed food that was invented to replace butter. The primary ingredient is vegetable oil along with emulsifiers, colorants and various artificial ingredients. Margarine is often hydrogenated, which gives it a harder consistency and extends shelf life. Hydrogenation also turns some of the vegetable oils into trans fats which are highly toxic and strongly associated with heart disease.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners actually come with a list of side effects, much like a drug. The side effects could include some really severe conditions, such as depression, insomnia, blindness, tinnitus, hives, and a contributing factor to things like Alzheimer's and MS.

Fast Food

Fast food is a hot mess of genetically engineered corn, food dyes, artificial sweeteners, and other bad-for-you ingredients. Need a quick meal? An all-natural spread on whole grain with freshly sliced veggies. Enjoy.

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