Insane Desserts You Have To Try Right Now

Kiss your diet goodbye because it’s time for dessert! You’re going to want to unbuckle your belts for these ones because we’ve listed some of the craziest and most intense desserts around. From insane milkshakes to rolled ice cream, these treats will surely satisfy any sweet crazing you’ve ever had or will have.


Black Tap Milkshake

Credit: Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

This is not your average milkshake. With an estimated 1,600 calories per shake, you’re going to need to a friend to help you finish this. Served at the restaurant Black Tap in New York City, these shakes come in a variety of crazy flavors such as Cookie ‘N Cream Supreme, Brooklyn Blackout, Sweet ‘N Salty, and Cotton Candy. These all in tall glasses with their rims covered in icing, crazy toppings (such as entire slices of cake or covered in candy) and whopping towers of whipped cream. Yum.


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