25 Facts About Pizza You Need To Know


Pizza Hut in Space

Pizza Hut in Spacefunnyjunk

Pizza Hut made a pizza delivery to the International Space Station in 2001. They paid the Russians $1 million to transport the Pizza and even made a commercial from it.

3D Printed Pizza

3D Printed Pizzadigitaltrends

NASA is developing 3D printers that can print pizzas for astronauts. Starting by printing a sheet of dough, this food synthesizer is already deep in the making.

Pizza Hack

Pizza Hackcomplaintslist

A well-known hacker group in 2012, took down the Papa John’s website because their pizza was 2 hours late.

Rapid Pizza

Rapid Pizzaleonardosgainesville

In the United States, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second!

Pizza Gaga

Lady Gaga Pizzanydailynews

Singer Lady Gaga once bought $1000 worth of pizza for fans waiting in line for her.

Pizza Plane Delivery

Pizza Plane Deliveryblog.ifeng

There is a pizza place in Alaska that delivers pizzas by plane.

Deep Fried Pizza

Scottish deep fried pizzafxcuisine

In Scotland, they deep fry pizzas.

Hawaiian Pizza or Canadian?

Hawaiian Pizzacbc

Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada.

Bitcoin Pizza

Bitcoin Pizzareddit

The first bitcoin transaction ever made was 10,000BTC for a pizza, which is now worth approximately $1,219,000 USD

“Happy Pizza”

Happy Pizzayourworldyourhome

In Cambodia, many pizza parlors offer “happy pizza”, which is a pizza loaded with high quality marijuana.

Pizza Arson

Domino's vs Pizza Hutbitchute

In 2011, two Domino’s Pizza Store Managers were charged with arson after they burned down a nearby Papa John’s in Southern Florida

Prison Pizza

Prison for Stealing Pizzafirstwefeast

A man in California was sentenced to 25 years in prison under the three-strikes law for stealing a slice of pizza from a group of children.

FBI Pizza Delivery


The FBI once tried to order pizza when investigating an insane asylum in San Diego. The pizza place hung up on them.

Internet Pizza Shop

Online Pizza OrderingQuora

One of the first documented Internet purchases was a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese from Pizza Hut.

New York Pizza

New York Pizzanypizzaproject

The iconic taste of NYC pizza is attributed to the city’s pure water

Pizza DVD

Pizza DVDhuffingtonpost

There are DVDs that look and smell like pizza when you are done watching them.

Pizza History

Pizza Historyplus.google

The word “pizza” dates back over a thousand years it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 CE.

Pizza Museum

Pizza Museumhuffingtonpost

There’s a pizza museum in Philadelphia called Pizza Brain that is home to the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia.

Pizza Sports

World Pizza Championshipgagdaily

Dough-spinning has its own professional-level sporting event where pizza teams compete in acrobatic dough-spinning competitions at the World Pizza Championships.

Ready To Eat Pizza

Ready-to-go Military Pizzanbcnews

The U.S. Military Lab recently invented a ready-to-eat pizza that can last for up to three years. The pizza is intended for soldiers abroad who are craving a slice

Frozen Pizza

First Frozen Pizza Totinosfoodbeast

The first frozen pizza hit the market in 1962. It mostly tasted like cardboard until the genius food inventor Rose Totino got her hands on it.

First Pizza in America

Lombardi's Pizza First In Americawikipedia

The first pizza place in America was Lombardi’s in New York City—originally a grocery store, Lombardi’s started selling pizza in 1905.

Pizza Lingo

Pizza Doughthepioneerwoman

Pizza chefs call the internal cell structure of pizza dough “the crumb”. Most pizza makers try to achieve a crumb that’s airy with large holes.

World’s Largest Pizza

World's Largest Pizzayoutube

The largest pizza in the world was 131 feet in diameter, and weighed 51,257 pounds.

Pizza Popularity

Halloween Pizzawashingtonian

Pizzerias sell the most pizzas on Halloween, the night before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Super Bowl Sunday.


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