10 Random Facts About Poland You Should Know

Facts about Poland
Warsaw Financial center

The country of Poland lies in central Europe.  It is a cold and cloudy country, with moderately severe winter periods. In the winters, precipitations are frequent. Here are ten other random facts about Poland that you love to know.

In the country, summers are mild and have frequent showers and thundershowers. The capital of Poland is Warsaw, the population about 38.5 million; and the main ethnic group is the Polish which makes up some 97% of the population.

Population: 38.53 million (2013)

Capital: Warsaw

Currency: Polish złoty

President: Andrzej Duda

Prime Minister: Beata Szydło

Continent: Europe

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Official Language: Polish

Random Facts About Poland

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A person's social and business network is his inner circle. People from this inner circle are reliable for nearly all things, including the following:

  • To offer advice
  • To help find a job
  • To help collapse bureaucracy
  • To even help rent accommodation

The etiquette of extending favors and using contacts to get things done is highly elaborate in Poland.


Polish people are very conservative which means that they are formal. Their greetings are generally reserved, but also courteous.  In a normal greeting, here are things to be expected:

  •  A good handshake
  •  Direct eye contact
  •  A normal smile

All these with an appropriate greeting for the time of day would do just well.

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Again, it must not be forgotten: Polish people are highly formal and conservative. When addressing people, using their honorific title is valued by them.  The titles are:

  •  Pan for a man
  •  Pani for a women

These titles are usually to come before the person's surname.


It is against normal Polish etiquette to give gifts that are too expensive.  Never give such. The reason is that it would make the recipient feel highly embarrassed. Also you would be seen as flaunting your affluence.  And this is not polite at all.


Number five facts about Poland is that when dining in the home of a Polish person, never take too much food at the initial period.  Take small amounts at the beginning, making sure you try a bit of everything. The reason is that you will usually be asked to take second helpings. And it would impolite to turn down. Therefore, be wise and leave enough space in your stomach.

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Polish people prefer direct communication to the indirect style. However, they also place a lot of emphasis on diplomacy.  For this reason, they always do their best to finesse or fine-tune what they have to say.  So, how they communicate tends to matter more to them than what they communicate.


Hierarchy rules business decision making in Poland. That means most major and sometimes even supposedly minor decisions are taken at the top echelon of the company. This, of course, tends to slow down processes quite some. For that reason, patience is a virtue when discussing business in Poland.


When invited to any meal, offer to help the hostess with the preparation or clearing up after the meal is served. This is highly appreciated.  It will more often than not be turned down out of politeness. But if you truly press your offer, it shows how much you appreciate being invited over.


When giving flowers, ensure you give odd numbers. Giving flowers of even number is a taboo in Poland. Also, you must be careful what color or type of flowers you give.  For instance, you do not give yellow chrysanthemum because they are used for funerals.   Another "don't" is giving red or white flowers, especially carnations and lilies.

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Never be viewed as too forward. At parties or other social gatherings, do not rush into doing anything; wait on your host to lead. For instance, let your hosts introduce you. Usually such introduction starts with the women before moving on to the men.

Hope you enjoy the ten facts about Poland! Have a great day.

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