10 Random Facts About Andorra You Didn’t Know

Andorra is a tiny independent country or principality in Europe, lying between France and Spain.  The country is situated in the Pyrenees Mountains.  Andorra’s well known ski resorts and tax haven status encourage much duty-free shopping.

Apart from those foregoing facts, are there other facts about Andorra that many people might not be aware of?  Yes.  Consider, for example, in which sector you might likely get a job should you want to work in Andorra.  And what does Andorran winter meal consists mainly of?  And how are foreign criminal treated in the country?

The answers are all in the following 10 random facts about Andorra.  Keep reading.

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Capital:                                     Andorra la Vella

Official Language:                     Calatan

Government:                             Unitary Parliamentary Diarchy

Co-Princes:                               Joan Enric Vives Sicilla; François Hollande

Prime Minister:                          Antoni Marti

Population:                               85,470 (2014 Estimate)

Currency:                                  Euro

Random Facts About Andorra

1. Things you’ll Notice

Andorra has been a protectorate of both France and Spain.  For this reason when you visit, you will notice the following:

  • The nation uses two currencies: Franc and Peseta
  • Public education systems until 1982 were French and Spanish
  • The two most popular languages are French and Spanish

2. Nearly All Imigrants

Cultural differences are not strident in Andorra.  They are very open in character; and in interethnic relations, they are very cooperative rather than conflictive.  A factor that helps this is the fact that nearly all immigrants to this country come from Europe.

3. Most Reside at Capital

60% of the Andorran population resides in the capital.  Lifestyle in the capital is very much like you would see in most European cities.  Immigrant communities usually converge in public places like cafes and pubs for reunions.  You will find it easy to fit in.

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4. Popular Meal

Popular Andorran meal consists of meat, garden vegetables, and some fish.  This is something anyone who visits can easily eat as it is not far different from what obtains at home.  The most common winter dish is escudella: a soup of veal, chicken, potatoes, and vegetables.

5. Where to Likely Get a Job

Should you want to get some form of job while in the country, you are likely to get such in any of the following: Construction, Transport, Commerce, Public Services, and Hotel work.  This is because, these tend to employ resident alien workers depending on qualification.

6. They are Hierarchical

The Andorran culture is hierarchical.  The people at the top or mid-top hierarchy are the original Andorran population.  These are the group of people to arrive on the island.  The others are: Spanish…basically salaried or small entrepreneurs; Portuguese…less skilled labour positions.

7. Social Stratification Indicators

Indicators of social stratification are visible also.  They include where one lives, the size and beauty of the house, the fashion and kinds of clothes he wear, and the kind and model of car he drives.  Only the minority Andorran elite sport latest fashions and drive cars such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

8. Foreigners Criminals Extradited to Home Country

The most frequent crimes on the island of Andorra are robbery, fraud, and drug trafficking.  For cases involving foreigners, the foreigners are usually extradited to their countries to face the music.  So think of how your home country legal system deals with certain crimes if you ever think of doing them while in Andorra.

9. Strong Rural Origin

The Andorran society has a strong rural origin.  This strong rural origin helped to maintain a marked segregation on the basis of gender roles until close to the end of the 20th century all in favour of the males. Today, Andorran women are very visible and the change still continues.

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10. Still a bit Patrimonial

Andorran inheritance used to be patrimonial in which the father’s property passed on to the heir alone, that is, just one of the sons.  The only part of it that still continues is that this heir is the one who can marry and still remain on the family’s property.

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