More Than Just a Means of Transportation: The Tallest Bridges and Longest Railways

Can you imagine what the world looked like before the construction of bridges and railways? It’s easy to take trains and bridges for granted, but without them, our lives in the modern world would look entirely different. Public transportation might be a source for countless headaches for many of us, but before the first train was created and the first bridge was built, it was significantly slower and inconvenient. Bridges and railways had a major economic role in history, specifically during wars, and a lot have changed in these means of transportation since the first bridge was inaugurated and the first train operated.


Today, railways and bridges are so advanced, that it’s quite common to find people riding trains just for fun and entertainment, or enjoying the beauty of the bridges without crossing them. From the longest bridge to the highest and the tallest, the longest train ride and the one that crosses over three different countries, this article is here to survey the magic of transportation throughout the years.

Trans-Siberian Railway

You should be familiar with this one, given that it’s the longest railway in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway connects Moscow with the Russian Far East, with stops in Mongolia, China and North Korea.

Not only the longest railway in the world but one of the oldest, The Trans-Siberian started operating in 1916 and is still being expanded today. The construction of this one of a kind railway took 15 years to complete.