11 Interesting Facts About Argentina You Never Knew

Argentina is a country in South America.  The country shares borders with Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  The climate of Argentina is mostly temperate and arid in the southeast, and sub-Antarctic in the southwest.

But there are many other kinds of facts about the country that many people do not know.  Would you like to know them?  Well, in what ways, for example, are Argentines more like Europeans?  What is it that brings Argentines’ sentimentalities to fore?  Why must you not arrive right on time if invited to the home of an Argentine for a meal?  And how do Argentines view nepotism?

The answers to all these and many more are in the following 11 Interesting facts about Argentina.  Well, what are you waiting for?

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Capital:                         Buenos Aires

Language:                     Spanish

Population:                   43,024,374 (2014 Estimate)

Government:                 Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

President:                     Mauricio Macri

Currency:                      Argentine Peso


Interesting Facts About Argentina

1. More Like Europeans

It is a fact that most argentines are of European descent.  You will find when you visit them that this fact of their descent separates them from other Latin American countries where European and Indian cultures are better mixed.  Argentines are more like Europeans emotionally and culturally.  Interesting!

2. Family is Rallying Point

Family is the rallying point of the Argentine life.  In fact, in the country today, it is still common to see large and very extended families living together.  And of course, the heads of such extended and powerful families command great respect and power.

3. Honour is All-In-All

Honour also matter most to the people of Argentina.  In most cases, honour is, in all respects, the all in all for the people.  In addition, it routinely affects the day-to-day life of the people in both the community and in business.  Yes, honour matter a lot to them; and I find that quite interesting.

4. Blunt, Open, Direct

In communication, Argentines are very blunt, very open, and very direct.  Yet, they are at the same time very discreet, diplomatic, and tactful.  They are a very warm, interesting people.  And their unreservedness is what actually brings their passion and sentimentality to the fore.

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5. Close Communicators

Argentines are also very close communicators.  This means they love to remain physically close to the person with whom they are talking.  And that is not all.  They also love to touch the person they are talking to and maintain physical contact during the conversation.

6. General Greeting

In greeting, a firm handshake is usually a feature.  And during the greeting, it is very good to maintain direct eye contact, because eye contact to them is a sign of interest.  So if you want them to take you as someone who is interested in them, maintain direct eye contact.

7. Third Party Introductions

In general, Argentines prefer third party introductions.  What this means is that you need to wait for your host to introduce you to everyone, even if one of them is the person you want to discuss with.  And when you are leaving the venue, say goodbye to each person individually.  Interesting, right?!

8. Gift Imported Spirit

When invited to the home of an Argentine for dinner, it is good to take along a small gift of appreciation for the hostess.  One gift that is well valued by Argentites is a bottle of imported spirit.  This is because taxes on imported spirits are extremely high.

9. Arrive Late for Dinner

Again, when invited to the home of an Argentine for dinner, try not to arrive right on time.  This will not be appreciated.  Arriving some 30 to 45 minutes late is the norm.  Is that interesting, or what?!  And make sure that the day after the dinner you phone to thank them for the gesture.

10. Let Food Remain

Make sure you leave some food on your plate when you have finished eating.  And put your cutlery across your place with the fork prongs facing down and the handles to the right.  As for pouring wine, you need to avoid it because there are too many rituals and cultural “don’ts” about it.

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11. Nepotism a Virtue

Name-dropping and nepotism are viewed as positive characteristics.  So if you know anyone whose name opens doors, use it to your advantage.  However, you must understand that Argentines have a habit of calling in favours.  A favour done for you hardly ever goes without a reciprocation being asked sometime in the future.  Wow!  Interesting!



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