10 Interesting Facts About Venezuela You’ll Love To See

Venezuela is a country in the Northern part of the South American continent.  It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.  The country is located between Columbia and Guyana.  The climate is tropical, usually hot and humid.  However, it is more in the highlands.

But check these out!  How is nepotism viewed in Venezuela?  How do they view saying a group goodbye to people?  How they view handkerchief gifts?  And why must you not arrive right on time when invited to dinner in Venezuela?  Find the answers to all these and more in the following 10 interesting  facts about Venezuela.

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Capital:                         Caracas

Population:                   28,868,486 (2014 Estimate)

Language:                     Spanish

Currency:                      Venezuelan Boliva

Government:                 Federal Presidential Republic

President:                     Nicolas Maduro


Interesting  Facts About Venezuela

1. Position of Family

Family means a whole lot to the average Venezuelan.  Family is, in fact, the cornerstone of the structure of the Venezuelan society and therefore the basis of stability for most people.  Social network and assistance is to be expected from family in times of need.  Interesting indeed!

2. Family Habitation

In the country, and especially in the villages, large extended families live together, sometimes in the same block.  And since social network and assistance is usually a family thing, nepotism is viewed as a virtue in Venezuela.

3. Venezuelan Hospitality

The average Venezuelan is very hospitable.  They pride themselves on their hospitality.  And they have good reason for that too.  It is a known fact that Venezuelans go out of their ways to give help and to make their guests most comfortable.

4. Order of Greeting

When you meet a group of people in Venezuela, it is the practice to greet and introduce yourself to the eldest person in the group first.  And here is the interesting part: when leaving the group, a group good-bye is rude.  You are to go round and say goodbye to everyone individually.

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5. Academic/Professional Titles

The culture tends to be formal until one becomes well acquainted and friendly with someone.  For this reason, it is advised to address people by their academic or professional titles and surnames till such people invite you to switch to first name basis.

6. Appreciate in Advance

When invited to a meal in the home of a Venezuelan, always make sure you send a bouquet of flowers in advance of the date/time.  The flowers should be orchids.  But do your best never to send handkerchiefs.  The interesting reason is that handkerchiefs are seen as unlucky.

7. Handwritten Thank-You

After having been hosted by a Venezuelan, especially in their home, it is advised to send a handwritten “thank you” note.  This will make you appear to them as a person of class.  If your handwriting is not so good, there is nothing wrong in paying someone to write it for you.

8. Arrive Late

If invited to the home of a Venezuelan for dinner, make sure you arrive 15 to 30 minutes late.  Arriving right on time will make you appear as being too eager.  And, even more interesting, being eager in turn is interpreted as being greedy.  Now you know!

9. Never Turn Down Coffee

When honouring an invitation, there is one thing you must not turn down in Venezuela.  This is the coffee.  And there is a good reason for this.  The reason is that the coffee is a symbol of Venezuelan hospitality.  Turning it down is like not valuing the entire hospitality.

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10. Don’t Finish Food

It is not expected of you devour everything on your plate.  You are expected to leave a bit of meal on your plate when you are through. And when you finish eating, place your utensils together on your plate diagonally with the fork prongs facing down and the handles to the right.


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