11 Funny Facts About Trinidad and Tobago You’ll Love To Know

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island Caribbean nation near Venezuela.  The island has distinctive Creole traditions and cuisine.

But did you also know that Trinidadians would be mad at you for doing something that they do?  What is that?  How do you get the attention of a waiter/waitress in a restaurant?  How does the law view foul language and cursing?

You will get the answer to these and more in the following 11  funny facts about Trinidad and Tobago.

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Capital:                         Port of Spain

Currency:                      Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

Government:                 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic

Language:                     English

President:                     Anthony Carmona

Population:                   1,349,667 (2015 Estimate)


Funny Facts About Trinidad and Tobago

1. No Punctuality

Punctuality is rare in social situations.  The funny part is that it is a cultural trait viewed with exasperated humour.  But in business relationships and business meetings, punctuality is preferred and adhered to.  Now you know!

2. Rare Gender Issues

Gender related issues are fast disappearing in Trinidad and Tobago.  Gender equality has been well established in the country. And Women are now functioning virtually in every facet of the economy, juggling roles.

3. Taboos Are Few

The country is fairly tolerant, and hardly has any taboos concerning any kind of behaviour.  However, you may find it funny that drunkenness in the public, topless bathing at beaches, and snobbery acts are taboos in the country.

4. Foul Language Illegal

Also, using foul language and cursing are very illegal.  Same goes for wearing camouflage dressings, since camouflage is reserved for the military.  Should you ignore this and arrive at the airport in a camouflage dress, you will not find it funny at all.

5. No Illegal Drugs

Laws against illegal drugs are strictly enforced.  Stiff penalties are usually meted out to persons fouling this law.  The laws are stringently enforced and many a foreigner has been found guilty and sentenced to several years if imprisonment.

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6. Timing is Dull

Everything is slowed down in the country.  People take longer to do virtually everything from interacting to conversing to serving you in a shop or restaurant!  So if you schedule a meeting for twelve and arrive there right at twelve…too bad!

7. Lateness is Punctual

If you have an appointment, be prepared to wait and wait and wait.  Being on time in the country is as good as being some 30 to 45 minutes late!  Now, if you don’t find that funny, then you won’t find anything else funny! And no apologies are tendered for that.

8. They Can be Late; You Can’t

Trinidadians permit themselves to be late for just about anything.  But here is the funny part: you must never to be late for an appointment.  Otherwise, you would be confronted by an irritated Trinbagonian business man who has tried his best to keep up with foreign punctuality.

9. No Smoking

Never smoke in any enclosed place.  This is one law you must strictly observe in Trinidad and Tobago.  So, you are not under any obligation to quit smoking.  But when in Trinidad and Tobago, funny as it may sound, you abstain from it partially.

10. Meal Time is Social Time

Meal times in Trinidad and Tobago has a primary purpose of socialization and not eating.  Yes, you will be fed well.  But meals can go on for hours and you are expected to join and be part of each and every conversation.

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11. Don’t Call; Make Eye Contact

When you finish eating, place your fork and knife together on the plate whether at a restaurant or at a private home.  And if in a restaurant, do not call a waiter/waitress by name.  What is funny about it is…just make eye contact and they will come.



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