29 Bizarre Buildings that Have to Be Seen To Be Believed


City of Wine Complex, Spain


The 21,530 sq foot Wine Complex is a titanium and stainless steel building which houses a five-star hotel, a spa offering ‘wine therapy’, a viticulture museum, a wine shop and, of course, gardens to sit and enjoy the endless variety of wine.


One thought on “29 Bizarre Buildings that Have to Be Seen To Be Believed

  1. That’s quite a collection of the world’s ugliest buildings, buildings that should never have been built; however, your collection is not perfect. It includes one building that isn’t so bad, and one that doesn’t scream out, TEAR ME DOWN. I am also surprised to see that you missed the San Diego Main Library. It deserves to be included, although when I first saw it I hadn’t realized that there are many even uglier buildings. And to think that architects actually get paid for dreaming up these monstrosities. When I was a boy, one of my dreams was to be an architect. I didn’t, and I now see how big a mistake that was. If I had become an architect, the world would be a better place today.

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