17 Amazing Facts About Uruguay You Should Know

Uruguay is a country situated in the southeastern region of South America and its officially referred to as the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. It shares a common boundary with Brazil on the south and Argentina on the east. There are Amazing facts about Uruguay that you probably don’t know. This is more the reason we at Constative.com decided to go digging to bring you this 17 amazing facts about Uruguay you never knew.

Uruguay was originally inhabited by the indigenous Charruas people for 4000 years before it finally gained independence from Spain in 1828.

Population: 3.407 Million (2013 World Bank)

Currency: Uruguayan Peso ($‎ or $U)

Capital:  Montevideo

President: Tabaré Vázquez

System of Government: Democracy

Official Language: Spanish


17 Amazing Facts About Uruguay You Probably Should Know

Uruguay is a Country with nice beaches suitable for vacation. Uruguay is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in South America you should visit. Here we present to you some of the amazing facts about this beautiful country.

1. In Uruguay the population of cows and sheep are more than the citizens by 3:1 ratio as it is a tradition for one person to own at least three cows.

2. Uruguay is non religious country as there is absolute freedom of religious practice in the country, the constitution protects religious freedom. Uruguay has renamed many of its traditional Catholic holidays. Christmas, for instance, is called Family Day and Holy Week is called Tourism Week.

3. Uruguay anthem is the longest in the world and it contains eleven verses, each followed by the chorus, 105 bars of music, duration of the anthem is 5-6 minutes when played in full.

4. In Uruguay more than half of its citizens lives in the nation’s capital city Montevideo.

5. Smoking is banned in enclosed public places in Uruguay where as Marijuana trade has been legal in the country since December 2013

6. As we all know Uruguay was the first country to host the FIFA world cup in 1930, during the final stage which was between Uruguay and Argentina an argument ensued between the two countries about what color of ball should be used. Atmosphere around the final was heated up, threats were made to both rivalry country supporters and also to the referee. That made the Belgian referee to request for a boat outside the stadium in order to escape if the need arise during the match.

7. About three quarters of Uruguay is covered with grassland

Facts about Uruguay
Facts about Uruguay

8. The name “Uruguay” is a Guaraní word meaning “river of shellfish,” or “river of painted birds.

9. In Uruguay every single house has its own name, that is unique

10. Uruguay Ex president José Mujica was the poorest president in the world as he chosed to live in his own one bedroom house with his three legged dog. Jose Mujica lived in modest life and he donates 90% of his salary to charity causes.

11. Uruguay is the second-smallest South American country after Suriname and its often referred to as Switzerland of South America.

12. Uruguayans goes to the bar not to get drunk but to talk and socialize with people.

13. Uruguay is the only country in English that has the same letters three times in it first five letters “U”.

14. Uruguay is the 20th country in the world to legalize same sex marriage.

15. Uruguay became the first ever country in the world to legalize the marijuana trade.

16. Uruguay has the highest literacy and urbanization rate in South America, education in Uruguay is free and compulsory

17. Uruguay is also the first country to give laptop and WI-FI connections to its children in schools.


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