10 Amazing Facts About Ukraine You Didn’t Know

Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe.  It is known for its Orthodox Churches, Black sea Coastline, and forested mountains.  It is bordered by seven counties, including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Belarus.

However, there a quite a number of other facts about this country that many people do not know.  You will find that these facts are truly amazing.  For example, do you know how Ukrainians view it when someone is eating in the presence of someone and does not offer some to that person?  In what light do Ukrainians view gifts?  And why must you not decline any food offered by a Ukrainian?

Get the answers to all these and many more in the following 10 amazing facts about Ukraine.

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Capital:                         Kyiv (Kiev)

Population:                   48,457,102 (2016 Estimate)

Language:                     Ukrainian

Government:                 Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic

President:                     Petro Pereshenko

Currency:                      Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)


Amazing Facts About Ukraine

1. Very Generous People

Ukrainians are extremely generous and hospitable people.  All social occasions have food aplenty and every visitor is usually offered something to eat along with beverage.  The amazing aspect is that to them, it is the utmost act of rudeness to eat in front of someone and not offer them some to eat.

2. General Greeting

Ukrainians greet warmly.  Greetings usually begin with firm handshakes. The ones that are close, especially women would kiss each other three times on the cheek, beginning with the left cheek.  But men who are close just hug and pat each other on the back.

3. The Place of Gifts

In Ukraine, gifts are usually seen as symbols of friendship.  Therefore gifts need not be expensive.  If you give a Ukrainian an expensive gift, he/she might feel embarrassed.  So give gifts that are not too expensive because it is the spirit behind it that matter to them.

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4. Avoid Yellow and Even Numbers

In case you gift flowers, make sure you avoid yellow.  Yellow flowers are not meant for pleasant occasions, and would not be welcomed.  Also, make sure you give gifts in odd numbers.  Even numbers are not viewed with favour.  Is that not simply amazing?

5. Hands Visible at Meal Table

If invited to the home of a Ukrainian for a meal, do not begin eating before the host. And always keep your hands visible throughout the meal. Make sure you keep your elbows off the table.  And keep your wrists resting at the edge of the table.

6. Never Turn Down a Meal

Also, when having a meal in the home of a Ukrainian, always expect to be offered second helping.  You must not turn it down.  And now, the amazing part: never turn down any dish you are offered.  Turning down anything at the meal table is considered rude.

7. You Must Drink

Here is something you must know about Ukrainians: they are suspicious of anyone who does not drink.  And also, when you begin drinking, you must keep drinking.  So, the only excuse you can give for turning down a drink offer or for not keeping up is medical.

8. Click Glasses Carefully

Usually, toasts are given with vodka.  You are not expected to drink it all down after the toast.  Touching it to your lips is just enough.  But here is the amazing aspect: after a toast, make sure you touch your glass to that of others only if you are drinking alcohol.

9. Fill Glass only Two-Thirds Level

In case you are filling the glasses, know that glasses are filled only to two-thirds level.  Also, never fill your own glass; let someone do it for you.  And if you are pouring wine, do not pour it backhanded.  And do not open another bottle when the open one is not finished yet.

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10. Repeat Your Name to All

During business meetings, you are advised to shake hands with everyone.  It is also advised that you repeat your name to everyone with whom you are shaking hands.  It is also very important to maintain eye contact during each greeting.


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