The Visual Effects Behind the Success of Blockbuster Films

The best-sellers that we all know and love usually all have one common feature that makes them so great, besides the acting and directing, of course, and that’s the special effects. They were given this name for a reason since they really make the greatest Hollywood movies. A core part of the film industry, special effects have been around in Hollywood much longer than you might expect, and in fact, they were first introduced to the industry in 1857.


Seeing as exploring the future is a popular theme in Hollywood movies, it’s only natural that special effects would be necessary to create these strange characters and peculiar worlds we all enjoy watching, and how great it is we don’t need to imagine anything, but we can see the future on the big screen! This article is here to look back on all the greatest and most impressive special effects that Hollywood has ever seen.

King Kong

Hollywood’s favorite Gorilla is one of the more impressive special effects the industry has seen. The actor who played Kong had to wear a gorilla’s bodysuit, and he studied the behavior of Gorillas for months. He even went as far as Rwanda, in order to observe the animal’s behavior in the wild. That’s what I call commitment.

The digital animators were left with a rather simple job after the actor did the hard part of mimicking the gorilla’s facial expressions as well as body movements, wearing the gorilla suit throughout.