TrickyQuestions #4: Which city is shown on this picture?

I know this is a very easy question and expected everyone to get the answer correctly. So, if you are not among those that got the answer correctly, you deserves dirty slap to remove the witch craft that didn’t allow you get the answer to the easiest question on earth. Tomorrow’s questions is not going to be this easy. In fact, you must be a prof to get the answers for tomorrow TrickyQuestions.

Now, back for today. Which city is shown on this picture? The answer is: The Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria! Abuja is one of the most beautiful city in Africa and probably the richest too, followed by Cape Town, Lagos, and Cairo respectively. It is fitting that this beautiful city is the capital of the giant of Africa. The biggest economy in the continent is administered from this garden.

The master plan for Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was developed by International Planning Associates (IPA), a consortium of three American firms: Planning Research Corporation; Wallace, McHarg, Roberts and Todd; and Archisystems, a division of the Hughes Organization. The master plan for Abuja defined the general structure and major design elements of the city that are visible in its current form. More detailed design of the central areas of the capital, particularly its monumental core, was accomplished by Kenzo Tange, a renowned Japanese architect, with his team of city planners at Kenzo Tange and Urtec company.

Most countries relocated their embassies to Abuja, and many maintain their former embassies as consulates in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Abuja is the headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the regional headquarters of OPEC. Abuja and the FCT have experienced huge population growth; it has been reported that some areas around Abuja have been growing at 20% to 30% per year. Squatter settlements and towns have spread rapidly in and outside the city limits. Tens of thousands of people have been evicted since former FCT minister Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai started a demolition campaign in 2003.

The winners for competition are: Oyedokun David (N1.500 MTN) Yahya MD Mansoor (N750 MTN) Nnamani Emeka Henry Megabest (N400 MTN). Provide us with evidience of fufilling the requirements to get your prizes. Thank you all and sorry for the delay in announcing the winners.




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